“No One’s Coming for Your Guns”: Georgia Bill Calls for Banning, Confiscating Millions of Firearms

Liberals think that conservatives are paranoid conspiracy theorists for thinking that the government’s goal is to confiscate everyone’s guns. How ridiculous of a notion, considering that there are hundreds of millions of guns across the country. How in the world would the U.S. government go about confiscating all those firearms? At the same time, they point to “success stories” like the U.K. and Australia who effectively got rid of “gun violence” by, well, coming after people’s guns. Read more […]

Read the “Politically Incorrect” Sign This Sheriff Put up Telling Offended Residents to Leave

The Harris County, Georgia sheriff Mike Jolley erected a sign on county property that read: “WARNING:  Harris County is politically incorrect. We say:  Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you… LEAVE! The Ledger-Enquirer reported: Jolly said Tuesday he was tired of the silent majority becoming “more silent.” “It’s time for the silent majority to stand up for our beliefs and not be ashamed,” he said. He’s received overwhelming Read more […]

Man Shoots and Kills Home Intruder; Shooter Charged with Murder

A Dekalb County, Georgia homeowner lives out of town and requested that one of his relatives check on his house. When this relative Terrance Medina went to check on the house, he brought his gun just in case. At some point while he was checking out the place, he encountered someone there who didn’t belong there. Medina ended up shooting and killing the man. At this point in the investigation, we don’t know what exactly happened inside the house to prompt Medina to shoot the intruder. Perhaps Read more […]

Democrat Hank Johnson Wants to Make Atlanta Airport Gun-Free Zone

I alluded to a situation recently where a man came in to the Hartsfield Atlanta airport – er…excuse me, the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – with an AR-15 slung around his shoulder and a 100-round drum. I made the comment that while what the guy did was perfectly legal – and I’m glad that it’s legal – it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Now what are legislators going to do to make it against the law to do what this guy did? Someone responded in the comments section Read more […]

Garbage Man Jailed for Picking up Trash Too Early in the Morning

Kevin McGill is a garbage man in Sandy Springs, Georgia. In order to avoid a lot of construction traffic, he showed up a couple hours early one day to get his work done before the construction crews started showing up. Little did he know, there was an ordinance passed in Sandy Springs that prohibits trash collection before 7:00 in the morning. So, technically, he was in violation. But no one really cares about that law, and even if they did, no cop would arrest a garbage man for showing up to Read more […]

Georgia Bill Legalizes Police No-Knock Raids

As with most bills, its intended purpose is not what the Georgia bill actually accomplishes. The bill was supposed to place restrictions on police no-knock raids. But what it actually does is legalize them, because technically, police no-knock raids are already illegal in Georgia. That of course doesn’t stop police from executing them however. 11Alive reported: The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would restrict no-knock warrants by police. The hearing lasted two days and Read more […]

Atlanta Fire Chief Fired for Making “Anti-Gay” Statements in a Book

In the name of diversity an Atlanta fire chief was fired for being a Christian. When a celebrity or public official announces to the world that he enjoys having sex with other men, he’s immediately heralded as a hero by the media, which also acts as a barricade around him to protect him from any criticism. But if a celebrity or public official takes another stance and says that homosexuality or sodomy is wrong, then all the media’s hell, fire and brimstone will rain down on him until he’s Read more […]

Uh-Oh, SpaghettiOs: Woman Jailed for Possession of Spoon

I’m not even joking about the woman jailed and the reason for it. The spoon in question actually had old, dried SpaghettiOs on it. I know, gross. But hardly illegal. Ashley Gabrielle Huff, a 23-year-old from Commerce, Georgia, was in the passenger seat of a car when the driver was pulled over at a routine traffic stop by Gainesville Police. The details of the stop are unknown. But what we do know is that the cop located the suspicious piece of cutlery in the car, near Huff. He presumed it must Read more […]

Georgia Governor to Sign “Guns Everywhere Bill”

That’s what the liberal gun-grabbers are calling it, because it loosens some restrictions having to do with where guns can be carried. Here’s NBC News’s account of the bill: Its official name is the “Safe Carry Protection Act.” But critics are calling it the “Guns Everywhere Bill.” At noon Wednesday, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is scheduled to sign the sweeping legislation into law. One of the most permissive state gun laws in the nation, it will allow licensed owners to carry firearms Read more […]

Obamacare Forces Another Georgia Hospital To Close

Obamacare is so great and so effective that people aren’t getting sick anymore like they used to prior to Obamacare. The effect has been that hospitals are closing down, because they’re not needed. I’m only joking. About people not getting sick anymore. But hospitals are closing down. And it’s because of a number of things that are all rooted in government intervention into the healthcare sector of the marketplace. The Daily Caller reported on a recent hospital closure in Georgia: The Read more […]

List of Impeachment Supporters in Congress Steadily Growing

The list of impeachable allegations against President Barack Hussein Obama has been growing nearly as fast as our national deficit.  They range from perjury, to violating the US Constitution and federal laws, to illegally bypassing Congress to make law to aiding and abetting America’s enemies. I’ve had a number of people ask me why doesn’t Congress go ahead and impeach Obama and the answer is simple.  The Republican controlled House could easily muster up the support to charge Obama with Read more […]

Poll: 62% Of Georgians Support Decriminalization Of Marijuana

I don’t look at marijuana the same way as I do homosexual “marriage” or abortion. When I see the widespread acceptance of homosexuality and the murder of unborn babies, I see a culture in a downward spiral and these things as symptoms. The laws that we enact, the people for whom we vote to represent us, are the painful results of a quickly dying culture. Christians in this country simply don’t have the numbers that we used to have to have a substantial amount of influence in cultural, Read more […]