ISIS Using Videos of Bill Clinton to Recruit Other Terrorists

Hillary’s been going around claiming that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump and his incendiary rhetoric about Muslims to recruit others to the terrorist organization. Naturally, left-wing bloggers and talk show hosts assumed it was true and parroted the same talking point. I mean, why would Hillary Clinton lie about something? She’s a trustworthy person. And naturally, fact-checkers wanted to find those ISIS recruitment videos of Trump. But they couldn’t find any. Ironically, in their Read more […]

Read His Lips: Jeb Bush Unwilling to Rule Out New Taxes

When pressed, Jeb Bush said that he would not rule out new taxes if he were to win the presidency in 2016: Jeb Bush has enthusiastically endorsed a “grand bargain” tax increase with Democrats, says his father’s 1990 “Read My Lips” tax increase “created the spending restraint of the 90’s,” . . . and refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge to the American people. Interesting. Perhaps Jeb Bush should actually talk to his father about the tax increase bargain he struck with Read more […]

Why the Barack Obama Salute Matters & Why The Bush Salute Doesn’t

The Barack Obama salute is the same old story: The  president enacts policy that is contrary to conservative ideology, or he behaves in a manner that conservatives believe is unbecoming of a president, they criticize him, and the militant liberal media opens fire. The central premise of the liberal defense of Obama always being one of two things: Conservatives are racists! But Bush did (insert relative equivalent)! It’s easy to cry racism because it is an extremely difficult charge to Read more […]

“Unpatriotic and Irresponsible”: Obama’s Added $7 Trillion to National Debt

I know it’s not all Obama’s fault, per se. But truth be told, Obama blamed Bush personally for the astronomical national debt and deficits that were incurred during his tenure as President. If he can blame Bush for that, then we can blame Obama for doing the same thing. Except, in this case, it’s a lot worse than Bush. Here’s CNS News: The total federal debt of the U.S. government has now increased more than $7 trillion during the slightly more than five and a half years Barack Obama has Read more […]

Sheila Jackson Lee: “We Did Not Seek an Impeachment of President Bush”; Lee Co-sponsored Bush Impeachment Bill in 2008

Sheila Jackson Lee opposes the idea of impeaching Barack Obama. Whatever yours position on impeaching the President, one thing is for sure:  He, like many others before him, deserves more than just impeachment. Whether it’s a politically viable or realistic option is up for debate. Many on the left are trying to shield the President from political attacks and lawsuits that smack of impeachment. One of them is Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat congress(wo)man from Texas. She thinks people on the Read more […]

Who Is Really to Blame for Benghazi? Not THIS Administration….

By the Psychotic Liberal Republicans and teabaggers are so stupid. They couldn’t win the election in 2012 even when they were trying to scare people into believing that a terrorist attack had happened on September 11 that year in some place called Benghazi (does that place even exist?). The public didn’t buy it but conservatives kept going “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, OMG!” You would have thought that after it proved to be a bad strategy, they would have given it up and saved themselves Read more […]

Why a Jeb Bush Presidential Ticket is a Bad Idea

I just read another article that said a number of key Republicans are pushing for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to run for president in 2016.  They claim that he could best unite the Republican Party as a worthwhile option to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who is embroiled in the Bridge-gate scandal. Supposedly, many of the same political and financial people who backed Romney are behind the push for Bush.  They believe that he is favorably popular among evangelicals and the GOP establishment Read more […]

Bush vs. Obama: Who’s the Better Commander in Chief, According to Vets of Iraq, Afghanistan?

Conservatives are not, I don’t think, exactly fans of President George W. Bush as a president, but they (and I) usually say they like him as a person. As a president, ol’ W. certainly was no true conservative. He campaigned on promises of conservatism, but once he got in office he shifted leftward and led like a moderate—probably how we can expect his nephew Jeb Bush to lead if Republicans are so imbecilic as to nominate him to be the candidate who goes up against Hillary Clinton in 2016. As Read more […]

RAYCISS! Rumsfeld Says “a Trained Ape” Can Do Better than Obama

Liberals have established that there are certain insults you can hurl at some people but not at others. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense in President George W. Bush’s first term, was on the phone with Fox’s Greta Van Susteren to talk about President Obama’s bungling of the United States’ relationship with Afghanistan. “We have status of forces agreements,” he said, “probably with 100, 125 countries in the world. This administration—the White House and the State Department—has failed Read more […]

1.6 Million Fewer American Workers Today Than Under Bush

Liberals will, of course, blame this on Bush, even though during Bush’s terms in office, we had an increase in labor participation. Ever since Obama has taken office, we’ve had a drop in labor participation. If they don’t blame Bush, they’ll either find a way to claim that having low labor participation is actually good for the economy; or they’ll say that the President has little effect on the economy, employment and labor participation. The latter is true to some degree. Just because Read more […]

The Economy Is Great! But If It’s Not, Blame Bush!

The Democrats love to have their cake and eat it, too. Ever since the beginning of the Obama administration, any criticism that couldn’t be attributed to racism has immediately been attributed to former president Bush. Rather, any time Obama can’t spin his way out of an economic disaster, his next move is to say that he inherited a mess, and he is still cleaning it up. On the other hand, I’ve recently noticed numerous Democrats praising Obama for the improving economy. Huh? You cannot claim that Read more […]

New Poll: George W. Bush Still to Blame

George W. Bush hasn’t been in office for nearly half a decade. But people are still blaming him for our current political mess. According to a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, 50 percent of people surveyed think Bush is more to blame for our current economic mess than Obama (only 38% think it’s Obama’s fault). This is in spite of the fact that 79 percent of those surveyed believe the country is still in a recession. Which means people apparently believe that Bush’s Read more […]