Supreme Court Rules Against Giving Murderer Sex Change Operation

The Supreme Court threw out an appeal by a convicted murderer in prison who wanted to sex change surgery at taxpayer expense to become a woman. Robert Kosilek killed his wife Cheryl McCaul about 25 years ago and was convicted of murder. The Boston Globe reported: “McCaul’s body was found in their Mansfield home in 1990. She had been strangled with a wire, nearly decapitating her, records show.” Since then, while serving a life sentence in a Massachusetts prison, he’s been living as Read more […]

The New Sexual Utopia Of Genital Mutilation

I suspect that many people are like me and have avoided understanding or thinking about the “T” in GLBT, but it really needs some attention. GLB, of course, are the three homosexual groups: “Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual.” The T is for Transgender. If you search for MTV show footage on YouTube or in many other venues, you will find an entire culture, protected and encourage by our political media class, of boys taking chemicals to feel like girls and vice versa. Parents, rather than expected Read more […]