Meet Generation Z … and Weep for the Future

The reproduction rate for Millennials is pretty low. We’re not even replacing ourselves in the United States. But that’s not the worst news for the future. The worst news is that the children we are having are … well, they’re awful. Meet Generation Z. Weep for the future: Today’s children are growing up in a very different world, where technology is ubiquitous, materialism is rampant and “happiness” is the ultimate goal, to be pursued at all costs. It’s a world where many schools Read more […]

Teenagers Abandoning Facebook in Droves

Facebook’s recent financial numbers don’t look that great. Apparently, the social media giant is going the way of MySpace and AOL chatrooms. They are failing to maintain the attention of Generation Z (that may or may not stand for “Zombie,” btw). Apparently the younger generation is far more concerned about privacy and real connections—they are currently popularizing private message services like WhatsApp and WeChat. A recent article in The Guardian hypothesizes on why this may be the Read more […]

Millennials are Self-Centered Know-It-Alls, but You Knew that Already

A fairly recent article in Time and a bunch of other follow-ups all tell us the obvious: Millennials are not only generally helpless and incompetent, we are also more full of ourselves than an Ouroboros. Two statistics should suffice to sketch the dismal picture: Millennials (ages 18–30) are far more likely than members of previous generations to be unemployed and living with their parents. More than a third are living at home. Which is pretty sad. Millennials are also far more likely to Read more […]