Obama Calls Losing $10 Billion a Success

“When I took office, the American auto industry – the heartbeat of American manufacturing – was on the verge of collapse…As President, I refused to let that happen. I refused to walk away from American workers and an iconic American industry.” – The Great One (Barack Obama) So self-congratulatory, isn’t he? It’s sort of nauseating. Sometimes, I believe that we must live in multiple worlds. One world is real—the one in which Obama is a massive failure, and a self-adoring oaf, and the other Read more […]

Has GM Used Taxpayer Dollars To Send Jobs Overseas?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden repeatedly told the American public that Romney helped send American jobs overseas.  Biden said it so often that it sounded like a broken record or a looped sound bite, mindlessly playing the same thing over and over and over again until everyone is sick and tired of hearing it.  They said it so often that millions of gullible voters began believing them and voted for Obama. If the current rumors are true, I wonder how Obama and Biden would justify their part in doing Read more […]