Government Now Giving Medals for Helping the Taliban Rise to Power!

Look, I liked the movie Charlie Wilson’s War as much as the next guy… but unlike the people the movie was based upon – I had the ability to see what their actions in Afghanistan would lead to. Just because their story made a good movie doesn’t mean we need to honor them for their work – especially not 30 years later when we can plainly see that the outcome of their involvement has played a role in the rise of Islamic terrorism! This seems to me, to be the great irony of American Foreign Policy. Read more […]

Dem Congressman Admits Obamacare Doubled Costs

When even the Democrats admit their team leader’s crowning achievement is a failure, you know it’s got to be pretty bad. I know Obamacare was supposed to be this liberal utopia where everyone had free healthcare. But sort of like with global warming predictions, reality has taken us in the opposite direction. There are countless examples of people either having their coverage dropped altogether or having to deal with higher insurance costs due to insurers not complying with new federal Read more […]