Israel Makes Cartoon about Gaza – Liberal Heads Explode!

We love Israel here at Eagle Rising. No, not in some weird cult worship way, but simply because they are the only Western democracy in the Middle East. They share our values, many of our beliefs and while they may not be perfect – they are the best nation in the region. For some reason, liberals have come to hate Israel. I don’t know why. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where homosexuals can be openly gay, where women can freely vote, go to school, marry who they want and live without Read more […]

Valerie Jarrett Condemns Israel for Child Casualties

“We make war that we may live in peace.” – Aristotle If a Democrat tells you one thing, you can bet the house that the opposite is the truth. Their philosophy is so twisted, so bent toward the consolidation of power, that reality has become a distant fantasy. In their quest for self-preservation, they expose gaping holes in their belief system which reveals their willful hypocrisy. They claim to be anti-war, yet remain silent on Obama’s multiple Middle East skirmishes. They hate the death penalty, Read more […]

Hamas Kills Own Citizens, Blames Israel

The world media has joined Hamas in trying to shame Israel for protecting itself… but Hamas may have recently “jumped the shark” when they accidentally killed many of their own people and then tried to blame the destruction on an Israeli attack. Fortunately for the world, Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati was in Gaza and was able to get confirmation from witnesses that the Al Shati “massacre”  was actually caused by a Hamas rocket that was misfired.   Almost immediately Barbati’s Read more […]

Defense Spending and the Deluge of Rockets Over Israel: What It All Means

A fact that would surely send every liberal into a conniption fit had liberals any standards is that President Obama has increased Defense Department spending by more than ten percent, or $55.6 billion. This comes as a surprise even to me, and I’d bet to many other conservatives as well. But the numbers are there and numbers don’t lie. I’ll come back to this in a bit. Now what we have going on over in the Middle East, as you read this, is possibly what history books in thirty years will mark as Read more […]