Christian Baker Forced into Gay Re-Education

Jack Phillips owns and operates Masterpiece Cakeshop in the Denver suburb of Lakewood. In 2012, two gay men, Charlie Craig and David Mullins entered his bakery and asked if Phillips would make them a wedding cake to celebrate their same-sex marriage. According to an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF): “In an exchange lasting about 30 seconds, Phillips politely declined, explaining that he would gladly make them any other type of baked item they wanted but that he could not make Read more […]

First the Gay Military, Now Gates to Head Gay Boy Scouts

Former US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been getting a lot of new coverage lately over his book that criticizes the leadership of his former boss, President Barack Obama.  The Obama administration has been trying to downplay the accusations made by Gates in his book, but that’s typical for the White House. Gates was first appointed as Secretary of Defense by former President George W. Bush in December 2006.  When Barack Obama won the 2008 election and was sworn into office in January Read more […]

Deviancy Trumps Conscience: Company Caves to Gay Demands

Another day, another tale of liberal fascism and bullying coming from the radical gay community. AlandChuck Travel (ACT) is a travel agency whose motto touts that they are “America’s #1 Gay Travel Specialist.” Apparently a “gay-travel specialist” is a job in modern, degenerate America. The company booked 1,000 passengers for its Drag Stars at Sea display of deviance with Carnival Cruise Lines. Upon ACT’s booking of the cruise, Carnival sent them an email with some basic rules regarding cross-dressing Read more […]