Patrick Stewart Backs the Beleaguered Bakers Crucified by Liberal Media

Occasionally even a Hollywood insider can use his brain and come to logically sound conclusions. Such is the case with Patrick Stewart, who recently came out in support of the Christian owners of Ashers Bakery in Oregon, who were recently fined for “discrimination”: Stewart argued that nobody should be forced to write specific text that they disagreed with. “It was not because it was a gay couple that they objected, it was not because they were celebrating some sort of marriage or an agreement Read more […]

Will the Supreme Court Force States to Accept Same-Sex Marriage?

Short answer: probably. The Supreme Court heard arguments on same-sex marriage yesterday, and I find it improbable they will come down on the side of states’ rights for this issue. For two-and-a-half hours — more than twice as long as a typical oral argument — the justices weighed two questions: Does the Constitution require states to license marriages between people of the same sex, and, if not, must states at least recognize lawful same-sex marriages performed in other states? The conservative Read more […]

RFRAs, Discrimination, and Equality

A religious freedom bill movement is sweeping the nation in an attempt to protect the free exercise of religion against liberal bullying. And it too is coming up against liberal bullying. Tim Cook is the latest person to argue against religious freedom restoration acts (RFRAs), but he’s not alone. Some cities and states are mulling over whether to boycott RFRA states either politically or economically. It’s sort of a pre-discrimination discrimination policy. A “How do you like it when it happens Read more […]

Gay Designers Dolce & Gabbana Reject Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption?

The famous fashion duo, and one-time homosexual power couple, Dolce & Gabbana, have come out recently in an interview with Italian magazine Panorama—against gay marriage, gay adoption, and non-traditional families: According to translations, the pair — who dated for 23 years and broke up in 2005 — stated that children born through IVF are “children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteruses for rent, semen chosen from a catalog.” “I am gay, I cannot have a child. I guess you Read more […]

Obama Angers Black Pastors by Equating Gay and Civil Rights

In a very powerful, eloquent rhetorical piece marking the fiftieth anniversary of Bloody Sunday, President Obama opined about how far we’ve come in this country and how far we have yet to go. In one section of the speech, he attempted to bring all Americans into one unified character through a prolonged description of the diverse (almost schizophrenic) American experience. One part of it in particular has raised the rancor of many black pastors: We are the gay Americans whose blood ran on the Read more […]

Obama Deliberately Lied about Supporting Gay Marriage

“The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” – Barack Obama, 2012 Let’s talk a little bit about ethics—specifically ethics in relation to those who hold positions of power, and who thus have great influence. To deliberately deceive one’s constituents, to say one thing on camera, while secretly believing another, all to serve the purpose of political expediency, is unethical. Is that not clear? It’s opportunism. If a Republican were running for Read more […]

Has the Supreme Court Already Decided on Gay Marriage?

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas filed a dissenting opinion against the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling on gay marriage. He said the Supreme Court is acting like they have already made up their mind concerning the national future of gay marriage: Thomas filed a dissenting opinion after his colleagues rejected Alabama’s plea to put a hold on same-sex marriages in the state until the Supreme Court resolves the issue nationwide in a few months. He criticized his fellow justices for looking Read more […]

Gay Bakeries Refuse Christian Wedding Cake Requests

It has become well-known that Christian bakers have been targeted by homosexuals for refusing to bake cakes for same-sex weddings. Some of these Christian bakers have been fined by the State, threatened with death or violence by homosexual protestors, and generally harrassed—some to the point of losing their businesses. But what happens when the glove is on the other hand? Apparently gay bakeries are even more adamant about refusing service for explicitly anti-homosexual cakes: . . . We at called Read more […]

Federal Judge Rules Against Gay Marriage

It’s been sad to see how many liberal judges have been succumbing to the pressure of gay rights advocates. Time and again we’ve seen one judge after another over turn states’ bans on same sex marriages and the recognition of those marriages from other states. In Ohio, and several others states, amendments have been passed by a majority vote of the people to define marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman. Yet Ohio’s constitutional amendment is now being reviewed by a federal Read more […]

Elton John Says Jesus Would Have Supported Gay Marriage

We all know Elton John is a homosexual. Even my mom, whose gaydar functions about as well as, was able to figure that out decades ago (maybe it was his glasses or his sequined jackets… hard to tell). So it is not surprising that he himself would be promoting gay marriage “rights” all over the world. What is more annoying, if not very surprising, is his eagerness to tell us what Jesus would say on the subject. In an interview with Sky News, he happily exposed his ignorance: Sir Read more […]

One Thing Hillary Clinton Got Very Right

In a recent town hall meeting, Hillary Clinton said something, uncharacteristically, accurate and insightful. She didn’t know it was true when she said it, mind you. She was talking about gun control, and unbeknownst to her, she said something quite right: We cannot let a minority of people—and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people—hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people. Right on. Let’s apply that to a few other situations. How about gay marriage/rights/whatever. Read more […]

Government Forcing Churches to Perform Gay Weddings

And so it begins. Denmark has become the first (but likely not the last) western nation to force churches to participate in gay weddings. This should come as no surprise, as the socialist nations of the West have been moving in this direction for years — and yes, I’m talking about America too. For other evidence, we can observe none other than our good friends in England, who recently passed a law allowing churches to “opt-out” of performing gay weddings. This might sound good, “See, Read more […]