California Implements Tax on Gas to Help Avert Global Warming

The government must put tax on gas to save the world. In the mind of a liberal (do they even have one of those?), taxes are so powerful, they can even change the weather. On top of all the other taxes and fees they have on gasoline, they just added yet another tax that’s supposed to be paid by the gas retailers, but it’s passed on to the consumer at the pump. So, the retailer doesn’t actually end up having to pay any extra. The taxpayers do. Here’s the Daily Caller: The global warming Read more […]

Obama Promotes $7/Gallon Gas to Fight Global Warming

Fight global warming by oppressing the poor! On Friday, Obama was in Burma touting a plan to fight global warming by charging more for gas. You’d think that this “advocate for the poor” that Democrats like Obama think themselves to be would be all for keeping energy costs down instead of up, but that’s not what they’re really after. They’re not for making things more affordable. They’re after “weaning” people off of energy. They’ll do it by enforcing high energy taxes that Read more […]