Teen Gang Member Shoots at Armed Resident; What do you Think Happens Next?

Liberals think that the solution to gang violence is to ban guns from everyone. They think that guns are the problem. They mock gun-owners and say things like, “So, you think that adding even more guns will make us safer? You obviously work for the Gun Lobby!” It’s not that we think we should give more guns to gang members. It’s that the good people need to be free to arm themselves in order to protect themselves against these violent criminals. Gangs are going to arm themselves with pretty Read more […]

The Open Border And Drug Violence Expansion Act Of 2013

Gang related and drug related deaths and crime are at an all time high in America. With an estimated one million gang members operating in our nation, this very real government caused crime crisis will amplify if the current version of the Gang of 8 Immigration bill becomes US law. Melded into the mess that is the new immigration reform bill is provisions that will fuel the growth of gang and drug violence in our American communities. The “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Read more […]

If Obama Really Wants to Stop Violence, He Needs to Start with Black Gangs

It seems that ever since Barack Obama moved into the White House, the number of incidents of violence by black mobs has been steadily increasing.  Some of the violence is against other blacks, but the number of cases where it has been directed at whites has taken an upward trend. Still little or nothing is being done to stop the growing violence being carried out by black gangs and mobs.  In fact, it seems the liberal media does its best to play it down and not make it a big news story.  They Read more […]

It’s Not The Guns, You Liberal Morons; It’s The Gangs

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that gang related crime, violence and murder is on a well-financed rise in our nation. If you are wondering why American cities like Chicago are experiencing uncontrollable increases in murders and crimes involving guns look no further than liberal Democrat’s failed socio-economic policies and the associated growth of street gang membership.  For decades, Democrats wrapped in civil rights banners have paved the way for the growth of violent crime in American Read more […]