How “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Will Destroy America

“It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart.” ― Suzanne Collins It seems like every other day, our country faces a crisis. Every time I turn around, the Democrats and faux Republicans are trying to dismantle our country by pushing massive, needlessly complicated bills that would make the United States weaker. They push legislation that would increase healthcare costs, cause Americans to lose their jobs, and ultimately make us all more dependent on Read more […]

Republican Leadership As Corrupt As Obama

Our national pride has never been as low as it is today. All three branches of our federal government have been lost to self-interest. Our laws are ignored and new unconstitutional restrictions and mandates imposed. Americans are no longer free to worship, think critically, or petition their government for redress. Dissent carries devastating consequences. The constitution is no longer the law. It is just a piece of paper tourists gawk at in an expensive museum. Well not for me. America does Read more […]

Republicans at Odds On Immigration Reform

The Republican Party has been at odds with itself over the last few months as support has been ramping up for comprehensive immigration reform. For years, pundits, politicos and keen observers have been lamenting the GOP’s Hispanic problem – they just can’t seem to win over enough of the growing segment of Latino voters. Lines have been drawn, and while the Democrats hardly seem united on the issue, for some reason, it’s the GOP that has been handed the reins on this key and controversial Read more […]

The Fall of Marco Rubio

Winston Churchill said: “The price of greatness is responsibility.” If one wants to excel, and be recognized in any field, one must reach for the heights of greatness to even get a shot. We live in a world where the bar has been set so high in many respects that achieving greatness requires extraordinary gifts. For example, the race for President begins earlier every cycle; those vying for the nomination are scrutinized more critically; and the bar for candidacy is set higher. Throughout the Republican Read more […]

Obama’s Push To Gain 11 Million New Voters

Alan K. Simpson said: “There is no ‘slippery slope’ toward loss of liberties, only a long staircase where each step downward must first be tolerated by the American people and their leaders.” This is an interesting quote, because it defies the typical slippery slope argument for a more refined one. This refined argument is crucial in understanding the Obama administration. Barack Obama is very good at ramming legislation down our throats, while simultaneously avoiding any responsibility for Read more […]