Want to be Happy at Work? Don’t Join a Union

According to a Gallup poll released Friday, nonunion workers are far more likely then unionized workers to be content with safety and recognition at work. “Employed Americans who report being members of labor unions are significantly less likely than nonunion employees to say they are ‘completely satisfied’ with six of 13 job aspects,” Gallup detailed. “These include workplace safety, recognition for accomplishments, flexibility of hours and job security.” The most significant gap Read more […]

Gallup Polling says Obama is LYING about Job Growth!

The Obama administration has been attempting to find an economic success story, any economic success story for the last 6 years. Now they think they’ve found a winner with job growth and deficit reduction. The problem for them is that both sets of numbers are VERY misleading… For example, on job growth – how can the job sector be doing as well as the President wants us to believe it is when more Americans are unemployed today than ever before? When more Americans are out of the workforce than Read more […]

Support for Repeal of Gun Control Laws Up Since 2000

Not only is support for gun control falling, more people are in favor of repealing gun control laws, as evidenced by a recent Gallup poll. Breitbart reported: A Gallup poll released in the days leading up to the November midterm elections not only shows that support for gun control has fallen by 15 percent since 2000, but support for the repeal of current gun control laws has risen by 9 percent.  In other words, it’s not a situation where Americans simply do not support more gun control. Rather, Read more […]

New Study shows Support for Gun Control has Dropped Dramatically

A new Gallup poll finds that support for gun control is on the decline in a major way since 2012, although the question still brings out bitter partisan divides. Only 47 percent of Americans come out in favor of gun control, a decrease of 11 percent from 58 percent in 2012. The historic low was reached in 2011, when support for stricter gun laws fell to just 43 percent. Over a third of Americans at 38 percent polled recently by Gallup said that gun regulations are fine the way they are now, Read more […]

Guess What? The Public Supports School Prayer

Prayer and other forms of religious expression in public schools continue to have broad public support,according to a new survey released by Gallup. A solid majority of adults, 61 percent, favor allowing daily prayer in the classroom, while 37 percent are opposed. In addition, 75 percent are supportive of having prayer or other religious expressions as an official component of school graduation ceremonies, and 77 percent think public facilities should be made available to student religious groups Read more […]