Poll: Only 2% of Americans are Concerned About Guns

Of the top 23 top important issues facing Americans, the issue of guns and gun control ranked 19 in a recent Gallup poll. Only 2% of respondents thought that the issue was an important national problem. CNS News reported: According to Gallup, only one percent of respondents mentioned guns/gun control as a concern for most of the months in 2015, although mentions spiked to 7 percent in October and December following mass shootings in those months that dominated the news. (The overall average for Read more […]

Have We Become A Socially Liberal Nation? If So, Does That Mean Conservatives Are Wrong?

Are we a center-right nation, a center-left nation, a right-right nation, a left-left nation, or a center-center-center-freaking-center nation? We hear these terms bandied about constantly in reference to the overall trajectory of our society, and though I firmly believe we are indeed a center-right nation at this point, I think we are moving toward the left in many ways. Enter a new Gallup poll. According to Gallup: “Thirty-one percent of Americans describe their views on social issues as generally Read more […]

Poll: Americans Think Homosexuals Make Up a Quarter of the Population

If a quarter of the population were homosexual, we’d have quite a dwindling population. Liberals wouldn’t be complaining about how we’re overpopulated. And maybe they wouldn’t be pushing girls and women to get abortions. You can thank a couple of things for this complete misperception by Americans that homosexuals take up nearly 25% of the population. For one, homosexuals have one of the most powerful lobbies. In addition, homosexuality has completely saturated the media and academic systems, Read more […]

Gallup Poll: What’s America’s No. 1 Problem? … The Answer Might Surprise You

If you were to base your understanding of what’s wrong with America on the media, what do you think you would cite as America’s No. 1 problem? Racism? Global Warming? Terrorism? The economy? Immigration? Health Care? Nope. According to a recent Gallup poll, the No. 1 problem with America is … government: Government has been named the most important problem facing the country for four straight months and has widened its lead over the second-ranking issue of the economy compared to last month, Read more […]

Support for Gun Control has Fallen 11% Since 2012

A recent Gallup poll found that support for gun control has dropped quite significantly in just the last two years. This is bad news for liberals. The Daily Caller reported: Only 47 percent of Americans come out in favor of gun control, a decrease of 11 percent from 58 percent in 2012. The historic low was reached in 2011, when support for stricter gun laws fell to just 43 percent. Over a third of Americans at 38 percent polled recently by Gallup said that gun regulations are fine the way they Read more […]

Gallup Poll: Voter Opposition to Obama at an All-Time High

A recent Gallup poll indicates that voters are unhappier with Obama than they’ve been with his last two predecessors: Registered voters are more likely to view their choice of candidate in this year’s midterm elections as a message of opposition (32%) rather than support (20%) for President Barack Obama. That 12-percentage-point margin is similar to what Gallup measured for Obama in 2010 and George W. Bush in 2006, years in which their parties performed poorly in the midterm elections. What’s Read more […]

Majority of Americans Don’t Trust the Media

Gallup just released a poll that shows America’s distrust of media is yet again at an all time high. Sixty percent of those surveyed said that they have little or no trust in the media to report news fully, accurately and fairly. Most of those critical of the media identified as republicans. Conversely, and not surprisingly, those most trusting of the media identified as democrats. Here’s Gallup:  After registering slightly higher trust last year, Americans’ confidence in the media’s ability Read more […]

How Labor Unions Celebrate Labor Day

Five Things Labor Unions Do to Celebrate Labor Day For many Americans, Labor Day means one last long weekend to end the summer. But the U.S. Department of Labor describes the holiday as “a creation of the labor movement,” meaning labor unions. So how would organized labor celebrate? 1. Make union organizing a civil right. Democrats Georgia Rep. John Lewis and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison have introduced a bill that would that would do just that. The congressmen argue that the current National Read more […]

Trust in Media at an All-Time Low

A new Gallup poll showed that more Americans distrust the media now than at any other time since Gallup started keeping track of it in 1993: Americans’ faith in each of three major news media platforms — television news, newspapers, and news on the Internet — is at or tied with record lows in Gallup’s long-standing confidence in institutions trend. This continues a decades-long decline in the share of Americans saying they have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in newspapers or TV Read more […]

Gallup Poll: Fewer Republicans, More Independents

A new Gallup poll indicates that American voters are gravitating toward the “independent” label. But they are not moving out of the Democratic rank and file at quite the same rate as they are exiting the Republican herd. This means a number of things. First, it means that Americans in general are becoming more and more fed up with the current two-party system. More and more voters do not consider themselves well-represented by either party. Fourty-two percent of voters, in fact, now consider Read more […]

Congressional Approval Rating in Single Digits

Well, it’s official. In thirty-nine years of surveying, Gallup has never seen a single-digit approval rating for Congress. Until now! Americans straight up despise Congress, with only 9% of Americans giving Congress the thumbs up. The approval rating wasn’t even this low during the shutdown. I’m guessing people aren’t even paying attention to current events anymore. We’re just out for more approval ratings records—to see how low we can get this thing. I wonder how many of us could keep Read more […]

Tide is Turning in Abortion Debate—Liberals Run Scared

Kurt Cobain said: “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” I have often–specifically in these columns–harshly criticized the youth of American, and young people in general, because of their impulsivity, and capriciousness. I have even gone so far as to advocate the repeal of the 26th amendment; preferring an older base voting age of 25. That being said–though young people can indeed be volatile and easily manipulated–youth does not always equal foolishness. A new trend is emerging that Read more […]