Charlie Hebdo says Don’t Make Us a Free Speech Symbol!

I’ll be honest, I don’t like Charlie Hebdo. I hardly ever agree with their commentary or their politics, but I believe that the men and women who work for that magazine should have an absolute right to say (speak, write and draw) whatever they’d like, and that the people who buy their magazine should have every opportunity to read what they’ve written. Free Speech isn’t a government-given right, it’s a God-given right and because of that there should be no strings attached. Liberals have been giving Read more […]

It’s Not Just Here – New Study Shows Freedom of Religion and Press in Decline Everywhere

Our generation has sadly been the stewards of the tail end of the American Century. As we’ve allowed liberals to steer the fate of our nation, they’ve quite quickly driven us to the brink of insignificance. With our decline has also come the decline of freedom around the world. Two new reports show what conservatives (and Christians) have been saying for several years now, freedom – particularly religious freedom and freedom of speech and the press – is in decline. It’s in decline here in America Read more […]