Atheists Demand Removal of “In God We Trust” Decals from Police Cars

Atheists from the Freedom From Religion Foundation made their demands of the Childress Police Department in Texas to remove “In God We Trust” decals from their vehicles. The Police Chief Adrian Garcia responded to their demands by politely declining to satisfy their demands and suggesting that they “go fly a kite.” According to The Blaze: Addressed to “Annie” — Freedom From Religion Foundation co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor — the brief letter comes after Garcia announced earlier Read more […]

Florida Sheriff Attacked by Freedom From Religion Foundation for “Preaching” in Uniform

The Freedom from Religion Foundation certainly doesn’t mince any words concerning what they’re about. Recently they went on the offensive against a Florida sheriff who was invited to speak at a local Baptist church. Apparently, they wanted him to change out of his uniform first: [Polk County Sheriff Grady] Judd spoke from the pulpit of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland two months ago. “Wouldn’t the world be better if everyone behaved like a Christian?” Judd said as part of Read more […]

Atheists Outraged Over Cross and Angels on Deceased Schoolteacher’s Memorial

Joann Christy had taught at Ravenswood Middle School in West Virginia for over 25 years when she died in a car accident in 2004. She was very well-loved, and a stone memorial was made for her. The display made in her memory had crosses and angels etched in. And we all know how Atheists get when they see crosses. Something like a vampire’s reaction to garlic. Leave it to a bunch of Atheists to suck the lifeblood out of anything that smacks of non-Atheistic religion. The Blaze reported: An atheist Read more […]

Atheists Outraged Over School Football Team’s Baptism

Atheists with the Freedom From Religion Foundation are outraged that a school football team coach allowed some of his team players to be baptized. No one would have said anything, and no cared about the baptisms until a “concerned citizen” complained about them. Not long after that concerned citizen registered his complaint, the FFRF sent their letter of rebuke to the school district. (I wonder if that “concerned citizen” was the FFRF.) They’re offended that this particular school football Read more […]

Parents Stand Up For Christian Plaques at Texas Schools

Should the will of the few outweigh the will of the many? That’s a question that’s been asked in our courts for years and lately liberal judges have been saying yes, the demands of the few will outweigh the rights of the many. In Midlothian, Texas, the many are standing up for their rights and making their voices heard and I think it’s great. Christianity is strong in Midlothian and when two elementary schools were opened, they each had a plaque mounted to the wall to dedicate the school’s Read more […]

Atheists Outraged Over Two White, Intersecting Pieces of Wood

I actually don’t know for a fact that it’s made out of wood. It could be plastic for all I know. The point is, they were so outraged by this 14-inch object in the ground that they’re demanding its removal. Most people call this shape a cross. It looks sort of like a plus sign with a long leg. Atheists are terrified of them. Plus signs, X’s, lowercase T’s, not so much. But a cross? They start acting like that girl in The Exorcist. Indy Star reported: A 14-inch white cross on state park Read more […]

Restaurant Drops Prayer Discount After Threats From Freedom From Religion Foundation

There’s a restaurant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that’s made headlines recently when it became known that they give (when they feel like it) a 15% discount to those customers who pray before their meal. As the owner said, it wasn’t required that you necessarily pray in order to receive the discount; it was more that if you showed an attitude of gratitude for your meal, she felt compelled to give those people a discount. And it wasn’t a policy or anything, because she didn’t offer it Read more […]

Police Chief under Attack for Turning to Religious Leaders to Help Crime Victims

For centuries, pastors, ministers, rabbis and other religious leaders where the ones that people turned to when they needed emotional and spiritual help after falling victim to a crime.  Law enforcement took care of the legal aspect of catching the criminal but many victims needed help coping with what happened to them. Birmingham, Alabama Police Chief A.C. Roper recognized the important role the religious leaders play in helping crime victims.  He has been working with ministers, rabbis, imams Read more […]

Atheists Slam High School Valedictorian For “Inflicting” Prayer Upon Graduation Audience

Ronald Reagan said: “Sometimes when I’m faced with an atheist, I am tempted to invite him to the greatest gourmet dinner that one could ever serve, and when we have finished eating that magnificent dinner, to ask him if he believes there’s a cook.” Atheists are an interesting bunch, in that they don’t believe in a God, but are militant in their non-belief. You would think that someone who didn’t believe in God would not have much of a care as to what goes on in everyone else’s lives; yet they Read more […]

Parents and Students Ignore Atheist Threats and Pray at High School Football Game

Freedom from Religion Foundation has made it their business to threaten and bully every public school and local government it can to prevent them from exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech and freedom of religion.  At the smallest hint of anything Christian, the atheist group immediately starts hurling their threats of lawsuits in the attempt to bully their target into submission. When you look at the tactics of the FFRF, they are nothing more than an atheistic extortion racket.  Read more […]