It’s Time for Liberal Nonsense Roundup!

It’s time for Nonsense Roundup! This is a weekly (maybe) column in which I round up some of the most inane and insane liberal/PC nonsense going on at the moment, and brutally disparage it. A wise man once said that the only way to respond to ridiculousness is with even more ridiculousness–and I’m going to follow that lead. Item #1: Feminism! Zoe Stavri, a blogger who describes herself as “Anarchist. Feminist. Queer.” and tweets under the name “Another Angry Woman,” made headlines this week Read more […]

A More Friendly First Amendment for Yale and Mizzou Students

Appearing on MSNBC, vice president of the Missouri Students Association Brenda Smith-Lezama had a telling exchange with host Thomas Roberts. After Roberts played a clip of a professor at the University of Missouri asking for “some muscle” to eject a student journalist from a protest, Roberts said: “One professor complained universities are becoming places of censure and prohibition. What’s your feeling? Do you believe that’s a place we are heading for American campuses now?” Smith-Lezama replied: “I Read more […]

“Concerned Citizen” Calls Cops on Guy Carrying Confederate Flag

A “concerned citizen” and Virginia resident spotted a man walking down the street, carrying a Confederate battle flag. The scared citizen did what any responsible person would do in such a situation. The person called the police. I mean, this guy carrying a flag like that…he could be dangerous. Everyone knows it was a symbol of hate he was carrying. A symbol of slavery and white supremacy. Possession of that flag should be a hate crime. Carrying in in public, down the street, should be a double Read more […]

Pamela Geller Sues to Get Islam Ads on DC Buses!

Activist and blogger Pamela Geller is suing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority after the agency refused to run her ads with a drawing of the prophet Muhammad on public transportation in the District of Columbia. On May 20, Geller submitted her ad to WMATA to be placed on buses and in train stations throughout the city, but about a week later the agency announced it would no longer accept “issue-oriented advertising.” At the time, a spokesman for WMATA told The Daily Caller Read more […]

Piers Morgan: “What would I do with white people who use the N-word? Jail them.”

Piers Morgan said he’s got a solution to cure our society’s racial divisiveness. He tweeted that we should jail any white person who uses the n-word. Ironically, President Obama had just used the n-word at an event recently: “Racism, we are not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say nigger in public.” Presumably, Morgan would say that Obama has the prerogative to use the word, since he’s black. But, to be fair, Obama is half-white. Even if he were all-black, Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Suggests Trump “Triggered” Charleston Mass Murder

Liberals always want to blame someone else for their problems in order to push some agenda. Predictably, the major news outlets and left-leaning politicians have all come out to use the Charleston church mass murder to renew calls for more gun control and to talk about how “White America” must pay for this atrocity. They don’t blame the one person who committed the act. Their solution is to foment racial and political divisiveness and push gun restrictions on everyone. Hillary Clinton is Read more […]

CNN to Pam Geller: “Do You Relish Being the Target of These Attacks?”

Police ended up killing a guy named Usaama Rahim who had apparently plotted to behead Pamela Geller, the staunch Muslim critic who had recently drawn fire (literally) when she hosted a “draw Muhammad” event in Garland, Texas. The two Muslims who had opened fire on the event were quickly neutralized by security. In reaction to this case involving Rahim plotting to murder Geller, CNN wanted to know if Geller herself felt responsible for “stoking the flames” of anger from Islamic militants. Read more […]

Sometimes, Free Speech Is Bloody

“Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself.” – Salman Rushdie There’s a man named Jonathan, and he’s a Jew; he lives in Germany at the peak of Adolf Hitler’s reign. As he sees his friends and family rounded up like cattle, he knows he’s next in line. The thought of internment stirs in him a sense of intense dread, and despair, but also sparks of anger. Jonathan is taken to a concentration camp where he is starved and abused. The longer Jonathan remains Read more […]

Should There Be Limits to Free Speech?

Megyn Kelly of Fox News and radio host Richard Fowler had a heated debate about free speech sparked by a controversial “Draw the Prophet Mohammad” contest put on by Pam Gellar. Whew. The whole point of Gellar’s contest was to thumb her nose at jihadists. Fowler said Gellar went too far. Kelly said Fowler was “fundamentally confused” about free speech. But aren’t there limits to free speech? As Fowler mentioned, you can’t go into a theater and scream “Fire!” without legal repercussions. Read more […]

Texas Shooting: Protect Free Speech, but Anticipate Repercussions

“Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection.” – Neal Boortz Every examination of the shooting in Garland, Texas begins with “I support free speech, but…” There always a “but.” I saw across social media and the internet a series of cyclical arguments in which one person would defend the “Draw Mohammed” contest, then another would decry it, saying it’s too provocative. Over and over again, this cycle continued. These cyclical arguments Read more […]

Et Tu Charlie? Do French Homophobes Get Free Speech Protection? Nope.

After the controversial magazine Charlie Hebdo was targeted by Muslim terrorists, all of France (and most of the world) got together to champion free speech, even of the most inflammatory, controversial variety. Following such an outpouring, France has made a historic decision to punish French homophobes for inflammatory speech. Double standard? In what a major French LGBT rights group called a “significant victory”, three people were convicted in a Paris court this week after they accompanied Read more […]

University Officials Try to Bar Students from Handing Out U.S. Constitutions on Campus

Officials with an Oregon University repeatedly attempted to prohibit students from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution, saying that doing so was a violation of their campus policy. Officials directed these students to a tiny “free speech zone,” where such activities were allowed. Many of these students’ encounters with officials were recorded on camera, much to the dismay of the officials, who on multiple occasions told the students to stop recording them. Not only did these students Read more […]