University Bars Students From Handing Out Constitutions

They were reminded that their campus has a “free speech zone” where such activities could be engaged in, in compliance with the school policy, which apparently trumps the 1st Amendment. This “free speech zone” sits on the edge of campus on a tiny, muddy slope that’s prone to flooding. So, if they want to do anything like hand out official founding documents such as the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, they can feel free to hand them out in a place no one will frequent. Students Read more […]

Cliven Bundy, Free Speech Zones, and Endangered Rights

The son of rancher Cliven Bundy, David, was taken into federal custody a few days ago for taking pictures of cattle on his father’s ranch. Let me explain. Cliven Bundy owns a 150-acre cattle ranch in Nevada. His cattle used to graze on the thousand acres or so around his farm (called Gold Butte), and for a few years,  Cliven Bundy paid the federal government for grazing rights. He stopped paying that price to the federal government in 1993, saying he would be happy to pay the county, but didn’t Read more […]