The Myth That We Live in a Free Market, and How the Left Uses it to Their Benefit

“The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.” – Milton Friedman Perhaps the most significant and deeply complex political issue that’s never addressed–or even fully understood by those on the left or the right–is crony capitalism. I know what you’re thinking. It was just last week that Carly Fiorina and other Republican candidates were bemoaning cronyism! I’m fully Read more […]

Denver Students Protesting Curriculum Change Which Would Teach American Patriotism

Jefferson County, Colorado encompasses the western half the Denver metropolitan area and has a population of just over 500,000. Like many larger cities, the population of Denver and Jefferson County has become liberal in a number of areas including education. The Jefferson County School Board recently changed some of its board members. The new members are more conservative than the ones they replaced and they see what the liberal education has been doing to the local students. Consequently, they Read more […]

GOP War on Women: Poll Shows Most Republicans Support Birth Control

The liberal narrative has always been that Republicans hate women. I don’t think they actually believe it. It just helps them get more voters. Since the Hobby Lobby ruling, liberals have been saying that the GOP hates birth control. Apparently, Senate Republicans are working on some bill that will make it illegal for an employer to prevent its employees from obtaining contraception, which actually has nothing to do with the Hobby Lobby ruling, but whatever. And of course, liberals are now saying Read more […]

Corporate Accountability in a Free Market

One of the most common arguments against the free market, and it’s as old as the birth of social crusades, is that corporations powered by greed will do anything to anyone to make a buck if the market is entirely unregulated. But it is regularly overlooked that a regulated market has even more possibility for corruption and greed than a free market does. Just look at the recent GM debacle revolving around faulty ignitions. GM was under the direct oversight of the civil government. GM was about Read more […]

Good For Markets, Good For The Self: An Ode To Competition

Competition has an amazing effect on humans. One of the very first competitions (of sorts) was between Cain and Abel of the Book of Genesis. Cain lost that competition and, being the sore loser that he was, smashed his brother Abel’s skull. Humans are evil and can find any reason to exercise their evil wills, be it competition, as Abel learned, or money or power or whatever you can think of. Just because competition can lead to bad, however, does not make it bad. Money isn’t evil, nor power. What Read more […]

A Free Market Is Driven By An Ethical Populace, Not Greed

We hear a great deal about the supposed evils of capitalism, the wonders of governmental interference and planning, and the accusation that capitalism is associated with greed. Of course, for many politicians, “capitalism” really means government, tax-financed favors for the “capitalist” who will pass back the most money to politicians. Against that kind of “capitalism” all the accusations are true. But when it comes to a real free market where people are left alone to produce and Read more […]

Romney’s Free Market vs. Obama’s Socialism

From the moment it was apparent that Mitt Romney had secured the Republican nomination for President of the United States, Barack Obama and his troupe of fabricators began a vicious attack on his record at Bain Capital.  They picked a couple of examples of where Bain Capital either closed a company down or shipped their business overseas and ignored the majority of what Bain really accomplished. In the meantime, the Obama camp of ‘can do no wrong’ failed to tell the American public about Read more […]