Barack Obama Sends No Delegations for Patriots

Why Obama sends delegations to the funerals of criminals, but not to the funerals of patriots. It’s been said that you cannot judge a man’s motives because you cannot see them. This is partly true and partly false—a half-truth—which if put into practice, makes it almost impossible to make assessments of someone else’s character. We are motives; our actions are cut from the fabric of our intentions, and as such, we simply need to reverse engineer actions to understand motives. If all politicians Read more […]

New Video Shows Freddie Gray Screaming in Pain and Unable to Move BEFORE Entering Police Van

I am not anti-police. Not at all. But there is a line and police officers  must be disciplined enough not to cross that line with suspects and criminals. A newly released video of the Freddie Gray arrest seems to cast doubt on the idea that Gray hurt himself in the back of the police van. The video shows Gray lying limp and screaming, apparently unable to move while officers throw him into the back of the van. Via LiveLeak: Freddie Gray had to undergo a double surgery on three broken vertebrae Read more […]