French Former Atheist: “Consistent Atheists” Can’t Call Paris Attacks Wrong or Evil

Atheists’ go-to philosophical argument against theism is the problem of evil. How can an omnibenevolent, omnipotent, all-loving God allow so much evil in this world? Therefore, such a God doesn’t exist. What they don’t seem to understand is that the “problem of evil” question actually affirms the existence of God. You can’t even understand what evil is without God. Without God, there is no standard of good and evil. There is absolutely no evidence of good and evil in the animal Read more […]

Fascist France Outlaws Free Refills on Soda!

More evidence that the world is descending into madness… in France the government is actually about to ban free refills on drinks. Ostensibly because France doesn’t like fat people (and not because France is full of fascist prick politicians looking to rule over the French people instead of simply representing them), the government is seriously about to ban free refills on sugary drinks. Yet another reason this overweight writer will never move to France…   Free soda refills Read more […]

French Police Call for More Numerous and Powerful Guns

Reality and liberal political theory are always at odds with each other. The theory goes, “the fewer guns we allow in society, the safer that society will be.” I don’t even think that can qualify as a theory. A fantasy, maybe. Wishful thinking at best. But not a theory. Especially when the evidence screams in stark contrast. It’s like trying to shove an adult size 18 foot into a child’s shoe. In the wake of the terrorist attack perpetrated by peaceful Muslims in Paris, liberals would Read more […]

French Ambassador says France is at War with Radical Islam

The French Ambassador had some tough words for France’s enemies – they won’t be bending to “radical Islam.” It’s tough talk from a people who are usually reticent for battle but the most recent attacks at Charlie Hebdo may have changed minds and hardened hearts.     What I want to say is as the French Prime Minister said we are at war and we are at war with radical Islam. It means that right now that Islam and in a sense Muslims, but Islam is breeding radicalism which is quite Read more […]

Obama Stands with France, but only Metaphorically

Obama was quick to say he stands with France, but when the opportunity presented itself, he was a no-show. “It’s a deep and all but certain truth about narcissistic personalities that to meet them is to love them, but to know them well is to find them unbearable.” – Jeffrey Kluger The country was introduced to Barack Obama in 2008, and promptly fell in love with him. Well, some of us did. Over the course of his six years in office, we have gotten to know him, and his behavior has become confusing, Read more […]

12 Shot Dead in Paris by Peaceful Muslims

This isn’t the first time peaceful Muslims have been outraged by this particular magazine in Paris. The editor Charb and cartoonist Cabu for Charlie Hebdo had gotten used to the death threats and the rioting to the point that one of them had a personal bodyguard, one of the victims in the attack. CBS reported:  Paris police say three gunmen attacked the office of a French satirical newspaper in Paris on Wednesday, killing at least 12 people and leaving at least as many more injured. CBS News’ Read more […]

France Opens Border to Iraq’s Christians

Not that many years ago, France was an atheistic socialist nation, much like the United States is becoming. Like the US, they weren’t friendly to Christians. Over the past few years, France has awakened to the dangers of Islam and have started passing laws restricting Muslims in their country. At the same time, their attitude towards Christians has been improving. According to reports from the BBC, the French government has announced that they are prepared to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians Read more […]

Backlash Against Leftism: The Expected Victory for the Right in France Elections

In 2012 France elected a new president, unlike what we did that year, unfortunately. He was the uber-rich François Hollande and he ran on the French Socialist Party ticket. (Interestingly, although President Obama is “not” a socialist, his policies are very similar to Mr. Hollande’s. Who knows how that could be?) After two years of driving the wealth and the wealthy out of France, having lax immigration policies, and allowing Islam to run rampant, Hollande has an approval rating of 19 percent. Read more […]

A 75% Tax?

“Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” – Thomas Sowell I seem to recall time when American values included the success of capitalism. The rise from an individual of little means to a CEO used to something that was celebrated; it was a sign of American ingenuity, and the power of drive. Somewhere along the road, that once celebrated story became marred by the resentment of others. Once envy wrapped its strong arms around certain Read more […]

The French Are Revolting Against “Gay Marriage”

I can’t wait until some snooty restaurant refuses to offer French Bread on its menu, but insists on calling it “Freedom Bread,” the way populist pro-war fast-food owners started only selling “freedom fries.” The French, for all their liberalism and Leftism, are completely opposed to their government’s redefinition of marriage to include same sex relationships. In fact, the government response was violent and nasty. As the Spectator reports: “Opposition to the bill has electrified the Read more […]