Is Fracking Damaging the Water Supply in Drought-Ridden California?

If you’ve been keeping up with the fracking debate and the recent California drought, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of conflicting stories. And all the while, California is so dry, it felt it needed to put historic water restrictions in place. But is fracking causing the water shortage? Not by sheer consumption, no: [Environmentalists have] blamed the 70 million gallons of water used for fracking and the bottled water industry for wasting water, when both count for a minuscule amount, Read more […]

Obama Spends $967 Million to Create 10 Solar Energy Jobs

President Barack Obama has spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying to kill the oil industry in favor of green energy.  The shutdown of Solyndra has become the poster child of Obama’s failed green energy program. So perhaps Obama will start touting the success of the Aqua Caliente Solar Project in Yuma, Arizona.  Yuma is one of the sunniest places in America averaging 350 sunny days a year out 365.  Located in the Lower Sonoran Desert in the southwestern corner of Arizona, there are miles Read more […]