Why Did Fox Bar Rand Paul From the Debate?

Jeb Bush was up on stage. And John what’s-his-name from Ohio. (Is he still running?) But Rand Paul didn’t “qualify” to be at the grown up table. He got demoted to the kids’ table. That was the first time that the Senator didn’t make it to the main stage. And he refused to participate in the second tier debate, because in his words, he’s got a “first tier campaign.” By participating in the undercard debate, he’d be accepting his second tier status that the media have assigned to Read more […]

Fox Anchor Upset About “Anti-Business” Lego Movie

Fox Business analyst Stuart Varney (from Varney & Co.) has some reservations about the new Lego Movie. He thinks it is yet another film in a long line of Hollywood blockbusters that evidences Hollywood’s “anti-business” message. He says that the main villain in the Lego Movie is named “President Business” and looks like Mitt Romney. But the villain actually calls himself “Lord Business,” and he looks more like Will Ferrel—if you can say a Lego figure looks like anyone. All Read more […]