HuffPo Writer Calls Right To Bear Arms Against Tyranny “Laughable”

The Second Amendment is, without question, our single most criticized, and assailed right. With every shooting, with every abuse of the right to bear arms, we are treated to endless prattle about gun control. Stricter gun control would make us safer! Eliminating guns has made other countries safer!Yet, shootings still persist in states with strict gun control laws. This is because criminals don’t obey laws. Gasp! Our constitution codified our right to keep, and bear arms. The reasoning behind Read more […]

Students Recite Pledge in Arabic and Say ‘One Nation Under Allah’

The effort to destroy American patriotism has reached a new level at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado.  According to Principal Tom Lopez, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited at the school every Monday and I think that’s great, especially considering the fact that many public schools today never recite the Pledge.  When I was in public school, it was recited first thing every day. The school’s multicultural club has been translating the Pledge of Allegiance into other Read more […]