Fanning the Flames of “Denial”: Despite Dire Predictions, Report Shows Decline in Wildfires

This is a very trying time for global warming fanatics. Their faith is being tested more and more. How bad do their fake science and phony predictions of doom have to get for their faith to be shaken? Only time will tell. Prophet Gore was sure that by now the Arctic ice would all be melted. But, unfortunately for him, the ice grew thicker. Gore was conveniently “not available” for comment. But his followers still believed. Likewise, for years, global warming believers have tried raising awareness Read more […]

Forestry Professor: Wildfires Have Nothing to Do with Global Warming

I know, I know; he’s not a climate scientist. But he does know a thing or two about forests and wildfires. David B. South is a forestry professor who teaches at Auburn University. I’m sure he also secretly works with the Koch brothers who secretly write and sign his paychecks. According to him, the scientific truth about wildfires isn’t nearly as exciting as how the politicians and the media make it out to be. Remember what California Governor Jerry Brown lamented recently regarding the Read more […]