Our Totally Foreign President

President Obama’s half-brother on his father’s side has taken a cue from his brother Barack in writing a memoir of his early life. Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo’s book, Cultures My Personal Odyssey of Self-Discovery, will be coming out February 28. In traveling the media circuit abroad to promote the book, Ndesandjo told Maariv, an Israeli paper, of his first meeting with Barack. “I remember that my impression at the first meeting was that Barack thought that I was too white,” he said, “and Read more […]

The Convenient Loyalties of Grover Norquist

Among the Don’s and Capo’s of the K street syndicate operates a man of considerable yet waning influence, his name is Grover Glenn Norquist. Mr. Norquist’s controversial “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” has come under recent fire from both high ranking Democrats and so-call conservative Republican supporters. To many Americans, Norquist’s small government and tax reform agenda has made him a man worthy of praise. However, as it is with all lobbyists, the general public would do well to consider Read more […]