Video: California Woman Outraged Over Raccoon for Sale in Grocery Store

A woman was shopping in some ethnic grocery store when she spotted what appeared to be raccoon. She video documented her find and sent the “evidence” to the local health department and news station. She was apparently told by employees of the store that raccoon is a Chinese delicacy. FOX 40 reported: A California health department is taking action, after a woman saw unusual items for sale in a Los Angeles area store. Video filled with profanity posted online shows a store selling frozen, dead Read more […]

I Might Be Eating Lunch With Michelle Obama

I received an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), which is paying for airfare for two to San Francisco (naturally), a hotel, and a lunch with First Lady Michelle Obama as she visits the area to attend what in the Obama family is considered a sacred event: a Fundraiser. The email contained an image of Mrs. Obama shaking her groove thing in a designer leather jacket, her body leaning to one side and her right arm bent 90 degrees at the elbow as she looked down at her Read more […]