California’s Government-Mandated Drought All Over a 3-Inch Fish?

I bet once you saw that this was California, it all made sense. While it’s true that California is experiencing low precipitation, the state has plenty of water to take care of everyone and all the farmland that produces food that people around the U.S. enjoy. But because of the “endangered” Delta Smelt, a small fish living mostly in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, farmers are not allowed access to water. They’re being forced to let all their crops and trees dry up and die, so Read more […]

Michelle Obama’s Healthy Lunch Program is Feeding Mercury Laden Fish to Maine Students

For a couple of years now, Michelle Obama has been on a health kick. She’s followed the food czar ways of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in pushing schools to serve healthier lunches with more vegetables, fruit and fish. Many schools that have implemented her menus have found that a large percentage of the kids are going hungry because they refuse to eat the healthier food and just throw it away. Some schools have also reported that the healthier menus are taxing their limited budgets Read more […]