77% Of Americans To Pay Higher Taxes–Thanks Obama!

Let’s give a round of applause to the Democrats who conceived this fiscal cliff bill. Now let’s give a round of applause to the Republicans who caved, and allowed it to pass. But most importantly, let’s honor those top 2% of wage earners who will be paying higher taxes in 2013–oh wait, sorry, that’s 77%. That’s correct. With higher payroll taxes, 77% of Americans will be giving more money to the government this year. Obama and the Democrats prattle on every day about how they are fighting for Read more […]

Fiscal Cliff Deal: Final Proof Democrats Cannot Compromise

In the wee morning hours of New Years Day, the Senate passed the new bill to avert the “fiscal cliff.” They stonewalled up until then to create the illusion for the public that they swooped down in their superhero capes at the last minute to save the day. And all the talk over the past few months about Republicans’ refusal to compromise can now, finally, after seeing what kind of deal the Democrats gave them, be tossed into the BS bin; the agreement reached shows, if anything, that Republicans Read more […]

Obama’s Ego And The Fiscal Cliff

With all the hubbub surrounding the fiscal cliff negotiations, you’d think that someone in charge would be truly concerned for the American people. You would think, in a perfect world, that your leader is working hard to come up with a real, truly comprehensive compromise that might not necessarily be his ideal vision for the country, but would guarantee a slam on the brakes before we plunge over the cliff. But what if a leader didn’t need to compromise? Perhaps his ratings are overwhelmingly positive Read more […]

Obama Once Again Using His Power To Manipulate Us

It is in times of negotiation that the mettle of a man is under the most scrutiny. When there is no choice other than to meet with an opponent in the middle, it takes someone of strong character and intelligence to sift through the mud and find the gold. Well, one out of two is what we’ve got. According to insider sources, during fiscal cliff negotiations, president Obama told speaker John Boehner that if a deal is not met, he will use his inaugural and state of the union speeches to denounce Read more […]

Gun Violence Overwhelms Economic Crisis

The start of another year of failure is weeks away and no substantive actions to reduce spending or reform failing government policies has been taken, yet somehow the one social ill on the decline, gun violence, is now our government’s greatest priority. Each and every day more Americans find they are standing in line for government assistance. No one but the government is hiring and U.S. Corporations are moving more of their operations overseas.  Leave it to the U.S. government to focus on fixing Read more […]

Obama Refuses to Compromise with GOP

President Barack Obama constantly talks about the need for Democrats and Republicans to work together and come up with a compromised plan to avert the fiscal cliff.  However, in his latest action, he has made it perfectly clear that he has no intention of compromising anything and fully expects Republicans to cave in and agree to ALL of his DEMANDS.  That’s why The Daily Caller referred to Obama as Demander-in-Chief. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has been caving in bit by bit to Obama’s Read more […]

Boehner Caves To Obama

I’ve said this for years, and I think pretty much everyone knows, that John Boehner, Speaker of the House, is not what he claims to be. Right off the bat last term, I was hopeful that John Boehner was a conservative with strong, resolute opposition to the Democrats endless stream of insane demands. Well folks, what we got is a RINO. According to the Associated Press: “Signaling new movement in ‘fiscal cliff’ talks, House Speaker John Boehner has proposed raising the top rate for earners making Read more […]

Obama Blames Congress… Again

The abject failures of the Obama administration remind me of Scooby-Doo. Every episode, a man committing some crime–usually embezzlement or fraud–would pretend to be a ghost or monster to disguise his crimes. And every episode, they would get caught. Every time the Obama administration lies, they point to Republicans and scream “monster!” We’ve all caught on to this trick, and we catch Obama in his lies every time. Yet the very next day, the same lies are told. It’s like a redux. I feel like I’m Read more […]

Media Already Campaigning Against GOP Congress For 2014

One of the worst aspects of the November 6 elections was not gaining the Senate. Democrat Claire McCaskill won another term as Senator for Missouri and Elizabeth Warren beat Scott Brown to be a Massachusetts Senator. On the other hand, there were some great victories in Congress. The conservative political agenda must be to keep and increase power in the House of Representatives and gain a majority in the Senate. However easy or difficult that might be, one thing is certain: the mainstream Media Read more […]

Will Obama throw America over the Fiscal Cliff?

As you must know, unless you live under a rock, the United States is headed for a “fiscal cliff.” If Congress does nothing and the United States plunges off the “fiscal cliff” in three months, taxes would rise for 90 percent of Americans due to automatic increases in income and payroll taxes and other financial shocks, said a report issued on Monday. In the latest forecast of trouble ahead if Capitol Hill cannot overcome its fiscal paralysis, the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank, Read more […]