How Inclusiveness Will Decimate American Society

There was a time when the word “American” was associated with strength. We were a people who could withstand anything that came our way, be it the bloodiest war or the deadliest disease. Strength was the bedrock upon which our nation was built. We stood in defiance of one of the most powerful civilizations in history, and freed ourselves from their tyranny. We fought and won a civil war, the result of which was the abolition of human slavery. We stood together on September 11th, 2001, when the worst Read more […]

Florida Sheriff Attacked by Freedom From Religion Foundation for “Preaching” in Uniform

The Freedom from Religion Foundation certainly doesn’t mince any words concerning what they’re about. Recently they went on the offensive against a Florida sheriff who was invited to speak at a local Baptist church. Apparently, they wanted him to change out of his uniform first: [Polk County Sheriff Grady] Judd spoke from the pulpit of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland two months ago. “Wouldn’t the world be better if everyone behaved like a Christian?” Judd said as part of Read more […]

Should There Be Limits to Free Speech?

Megyn Kelly of Fox News and radio host Richard Fowler had a heated debate about free speech sparked by a controversial “Draw the Prophet Mohammad” contest put on by Pam Gellar. Whew. The whole point of Gellar’s contest was to thumb her nose at jihadists. Fowler said Gellar went too far. Kelly said Fowler was “fundamentally confused” about free speech. But aren’t there limits to free speech? As Fowler mentioned, you can’t go into a theater and scream “Fire!” without legal repercussions. Read more […]

WA State Judge Rules Against Christian Florist Regarding Gay Wedding

A Washington state judge has ruled that Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman could not legally refuse service to a gay wedding service. This marks yet another case where a business has been successfully sued for refusing to cater to homosexual views on marriage. One might wonder, “How is this Christian florist not protected by the First Amendment or at least by freedom in the market? Isn’t it legal to refuse service to anyone for any reason?” Apparently not. And the reason for it, in the Read more […]

Youth Pastor Banned from Volunteering at School after Atheist Student Complains

Once again we see the First Amendment rights of a Christian being trampled upon by the whining complaint of one atheist. Tim Saffeels is the Director of Student Ministries at Salem Heights Church in Oregon. He also volunteers at nearby Straub Middle School; that is until an eighth grade atheist wrote a letter of complaint against him and sent to the Principal Laura Perez. According to the student, Shelby Conway, Saffeels was talking to students in the cafeteria, asking them what their religion Read more […]

Federal Court Says Secular Humanism is a Religion

It’s about time. The American Humanist Association thinks it has scored a win for Secular Humanism by having a federal judge declare that Secular Humanism is a religion. They may have won a battle, but they have made it more difficult for them to win the war. “The court finds that Secular Humanism is a religion for Establishment Clause purposes,” the ruling read. The decision highlights the unusual position of the Humanist community, which has tried for years to obtain the same legal rights Read more […]

Parents Stand Up For Christian Plaques at Texas Schools

Should the will of the few outweigh the will of the many? That’s a question that’s been asked in our courts for years and lately liberal judges have been saying yes, the demands of the few will outweigh the rights of the many. In Midlothian, Texas, the many are standing up for their rights and making their voices heard and I think it’s great. Christianity is strong in Midlothian and when two elementary schools were opened, they each had a plaque mounted to the wall to dedicate the school’s Read more […]

Massachusetts House Passes Abortion Buffer Zone Bill to Counter SCOTUS Ruling

Several weeks ago, many pro-lifers celebrated the Supreme Court decision that overturned Massachusetts’ abortion buffer zone laws. The state’s laws forbid pro-life protesters and counselors from talking to abortion patients on the sidewalks and parking lots outside the clinics. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the decision: “By its very terms, the Massachusetts Act regulates access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s].’ Mass. Gen. Laws, ch. 266, §120E½(b) (Supp. 2007). Such Read more […]

Bible Banned from Free Reading Time in Florida School

Fifth grader Giovanni Rubeo was really pushing the envelope during “free” reading time in class. Was he reading Mein Kampf or Hustler? No. He was reading the single most controversial book in our politically correct world—the Bible. His open-minded teacher told him he wasn’t allowed to read the Bible, since it was a religious book. Young Giovanni asked the teacher to call his father about the incident. The teacher left a voicemail saying, “I noticed that he [Giovanni] has a book—a Read more […]

Cliven Bundy, Free Speech Zones, and Endangered Rights

The son of rancher Cliven Bundy, David, was taken into federal custody a few days ago for taking pictures of cattle on his father’s ranch. Let me explain. Cliven Bundy owns a 150-acre cattle ranch in Nevada. His cattle used to graze on the thousand acres or so around his farm (called Gold Butte), and for a few years,  Cliven Bundy paid the federal government for grazing rights. He stopped paying that price to the federal government in 1993, saying he would be happy to pay the county, but didn’t Read more […]

California School District Has History of Violating Students’ Religious Rights

If you were a school teacher who didn’t want any of your students to mention the real reason for Christmas, why would you give them an assignment to bring something from home that represented a family Christmas tradition? Last December, a first grade teacher in Temecula, California gave her first graders that assignment.  One girl brought a Star of Bethlehem ornament that tops her family’s Christmas tree.  When it was the girl’s turn to share, the teacher stopped her and screamed at her Read more […]

Federal Judge: Drivers Are Allowed to Warn Others of Speed Traps

You’ve done it, I hope. You are driving down the road and you see a police car lying in wait to pull over unsuspecting drivers. So, after you have passed, you let traffic coming from the opposite direction know there is a police car ahead—by flashing your brights a couple of times. A federal judge in Missouri, Henry Autrey, has ruled that this practice—warning other drivers of speed traps—is legal and protected by the First Amendment.  The issue came up because a man (Michael Elli) in Read more […]