Congress Approval Ratings Lowest Ever, Lower Than Car Salesmen

A year ago, in December 2012, a Gallup Poll revealed that the only profession that had a lower approval rating than Congress was a car salesman.  Congress’s rating was 10% and car salesmen had a rating of only 8%. In January 2013, a poll showed that the approval ratings of Congress compared to a number of other people were quite low.  People liked lice, colonoscopies, root canals and even cockroaches more than they liked Congress.  To Congress’s defense, some people said they liked Congress Read more […]

Ted Cruz vs. Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis is the Texas Democratic state senator who unsuccessfully filibustered a bill that would have criminalized abortions after 20 weeks. She held the floor for about 11 hours. And that was all that was needed for the media to turn her into a celebrity, championing her as an icon of women’s rights. A warrior in the fight to give every woman the “right” to murder her unborn child in case the child poses an inconvenience to the mother. Instantly, she became a national media sensation. So Read more […]

Of Filibusters, the Nuclear Option, and other Hot Air

Harry Reid has warned Senate Republicans that he might consider resorting to the “nuclear option” if Republicans don’t stop filibustering Obama’s executive appointees (many of which have already been deemed unconstitutional). The “nuclear option” refers to the presiding officer over the Senate (typically the Vice President) disregarding a rule or precedent. All it takes for the presiding officer’s overruling to become a new precedent is a simple majority vote. Ending a filibuster Read more […]

The Beauty Of Rand Paul’s Conviction

Noel Coward said: “It is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” All across the Internet today and yesterday, there were stories upon stories of the unheard of filibuster in the Senate by one Rand Paul. Journalists reacted in shock as Paul–with a cadre of about 13 others–took to the Senate floor, and initiated a filibuster that lasted nearly 13 hours. His reasoning? Rand Paul simply wanted to ensure he got a firm answer on the administration’s position on drone Read more […]