Fiat CEO: “Don’t Buy Our Electric Cars”

As much as I don’t like admitting that Obama was right about something, perhaps he did choose the right man to head up Chrysler. (But don’t worry; all the other problems with that merger still ensure that Obama comes out in the red on it overall … and hey, even a blind squirrel finds a nut in a broken clock occasionally and all that.) But I kind of like the CEO of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne. At least the man has a little spark and honesty. Recently, Marchionne angered pretty much everyone Read more […]

Italian Fiat Finishes Buying Out Taxpayer-Funded Chrysler

Remember how Obama summed up his first-term successes with the pithy “Bin Laden’s dead and GM is alive”? Well, I think reports of GM’s life have been greatly exaggerated.1 Fiat just finished buying out Chrysler, propped up by billions of your tax dollars. One of the big three, Chrysler was apparently saved by a merger with Fiat, itself a failing car company. It turns out Fiat’s credit rating was already “junk” even before the Obama Read more […]And for that matter, where’s Osama’s body? [↩]