Man Tricks Girlfriend Into Getting Abortion; Faced Life Sentence for Murder

Liberals say that an unborn baby is not actually a person. That’s why we can end an unborn baby’s life “legally.” It’s not murder, because murder is illegal. Abortion is legal; therefore, it must not be murder. Q.E.D. If it’s not a person, then why is it that if a pregnant woman is murdered, and her unborn child also dies, the murderer is charged with a double homicide? I thought it wasn’t a person. Didn’t the Supreme Court “settle” that issue over 40 years ago? There’s Read more […]

EDITED/RETRACTED: Roman Catholic Church Loses Two Fetuses; Gets Case Dismissed

I owe the Roman Catholic Church leadership an Apology (1/28/2013) Over the weekend, I wrote an article that wrongly blamed the Roman Catholic Church leadership for something that was not in their control. In my article I was extremely critical of the Roman Catholic Church leadership for allowing a “not human” defense to be used to avoid a medical malpractice suit brought in Colorado against Catholic Health Initiatives, a hospital network that is not run by the Roman Catholic Church. Catholic Read more […]