There is No Quick Fix for the Ferguson Fiasco

Following a grand jury decision Monday night, Ferguson is yet again wreathed in flames and roiling in discord. A grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson, so a mob of increasingly non-peaceful protestors decided to take it out on the city: Monday night’s destruction appeared to be much worse than protests after August’s shootings, with more than a dozen businesses badly damaged or destroyed. Authorities reported hearing hundreds of gunshots, which for a time prevented fire crews from fighting Read more […]

Why the Riots in Ferguson Are Nothing Like the Boston Tea Party

Recently, some idiot teacher named Michael Kaechele positively compared the riots in Ferguson to the Boston Tea Party. Yes. He really did: The tragic event of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri have [sic] led to protests and rioting against police brutality. It brings to the surface (again) the institutional racism that has always been in our country. I think white privilege causes some to look at Ferguson as an excuse for criminal activity rather than a political protest. William Read more […]

Officer Points Rifle at Reporters and Shouts “I will F***ing Kill You!”

A sad story has leaked out from the Ferguson riots. A police officer working the streets of Ferguson went too far and had to be reined in by a fellow officer after he pointed his rifle at the crowd and yelled “I will f***ing kill you!” The ACLU stepped in almost immediately and asked that the officer be removed from duty. The city of Ferguson quickly complied. Our letter to MO Highway Patrol: STOP threatening peaceful #Ferguson protesters. #MikeBrown — Read more […]