Obama Wants $500 Million to Arm Terrorists in Syria

The White House promises that before any money is awarded to anyone, the recipient groups will be “appropriately vetted.” To make sure that only the “moderate” rebels will get the money. This is supposed to allay fears that money and weapons might end up in the wrong hands. Keep in mind that these are mostly anti-gun politicians calling for sending loads of money, heavy weapons and training to Mohammedan terrorist groups. Isn’t that a little ironic? Foreign terrorists get free money Read more […]

Obama’s “Support” Of Syrian Rebels: Help Them Not Win

I hate the fact that we have presumed to intervene in Syria. I hate our arrogance in telling that region how it should be governed. I hate the fact that our efforts degrading the Assad regime permit Christians to be tortured and killed by Jihadists because the Syrian government is unable to protect them. I hate the fact that our weapons and supplies are inevitably going to end up in the hands of people who torture and kill Christians and others for sport. But I still can’t believe how, on top Read more […]

John McCain Calls Rolling Stone Magazine “Stupid” For Imitating Him

Rolling Stone put out a magazine with the face of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover—the chief surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. The magazine obviously pictured the terrorist suspect because they believed that Tsarnaev is news. This has offended some people. I’m not sure why, because I don’t think showing a criminal’s picture endorses his criminal actions. It may be used to condemn them. Perhaps there is more going on here than I have yet read about in the news. But now John Read more […]

Was Ambassador Stevens Funneling Weapons to Terrorists in Syria?

Trying to connect the dots on the Benghazi attack is a dizzying endeavor. So many names and places and most of all unanswered questions. The more we find out about the details and connections, the more we see how demented our foreign policy is and why the Obama administration lies about everything. Based on the latest information, Ambassador Stevens was being used to broker an arms deal with al-Qaida linked militant groups who comprise the Free Syrian Army. The FSA is being used by our CIA to Read more […]