You Won’t Believe What Bored Federal Workers are Doing on Your Dime…

In recent revelations from internal investigators in multiple federal agencies, federal workers have too much time on their hands from a lack of work, and many of them are wiling away the hours binging on porn. Some of them are looking at porn for up to two hours or more a day. Others aren’t looking at porn. They’re better than that—they’re watching television or checking social media or going to the gym. But there seems to be one common activity none of them are engaging in while they’re Read more […]

$160 Million Paid to Federal Workers for Doing Union Work

How would you like to receive a full salary from the federal government for not working for the government?  Witold Skwierczynski has been employed by the Social Security Administration for over 30 years as a claims representative, but he hasn’t done any work for SSA during that most of his career. In 1978, the Democratically controlled Congress passed the Civil Service Reform Act and Democratic President Jimmy Carter readily signed it into law.  Contained in the act was a provision known Read more […]