Desperate Rand Paul Supporters Attack Cruz for Saying the Same Thing Paul Said About the Oregon Standoff

Usually, when a candidate rises, and the claws come out, those claws tend to be somewhat sharp. As Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz continues to rise in the polls, the attacks coming from other Republican candidates have been shamefully weak. The claws have come out, but I think somebody forgot to sharpen them. Allow me to preface this by admitting my own bias toward Ted Cruz. I believe that Cruz is the candidate best suited to win the nomination, and defeat Hillary Clinton come November. Read more […]

US Could Make Billions Selling Off Federal Lands

The largest land owner in the United States is the federal government. According to the Federal Land Ownership: Overview and Data published by the Congressional Research Service on February 8, 2012; the federal government owns 635-640 million acres of land. That is 28% of the 2.27 billion acres land in the United State and nearly twice the size of the state of Alaska. Most the land owned by the feds is in the western half of the US. The federal government owns: 81.1% of Nevada (56.9 million Read more […]