Federal Judge Rules Against Gay Marriage

It’s been sad to see how many liberal judges have been succumbing to the pressure of gay rights advocates. Time and again we’ve seen one judge after another over turn states’ bans on same sex marriages and the recognition of those marriages from other states. In Ohio, and several others states, amendments have been passed by a majority vote of the people to define marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman. Yet Ohio’s constitutional amendment is now being reviewed by a federal Read more […]

Federal Judge Rules on Personal Agenda to Strike down Part of Wisconsin Constitution

A growing sign of the decay of American values and principles can be seen in courtrooms around the nation. Liberal judges appointed by liberal presidents are ruling more on their own personal agenda than on the rule of law. Case in point is how federal judges are ruling against the will of the people and state constitutions in favor of their personal support of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. One such federal judge is Barbara Crabb, the Senior Judge of the United States District Court for Read more […]

10 Day Waiting Period Burdens 2nd Amendment Says Judge

If I were to ask you what state has the most liberal judges of any state, how would you answer?  If I were asked that question, I would immediately, without hesitation, answer California.  Various California judges have repeatedly ruled for homosexuals, against Christians, against families and against the constitutional rights of the people. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when I heard about the ruling of a federal judge in California.  Several groups have filed legal action against Read more […]

Federal Judge Disciplined, Pulled From Case Involving NYPD ‘Stop-And-Frisk’ Policy

In August, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that New York Police Department policy called stop-and-frisk violates the constitutional rights of minorities.  The NYPD would stop and frisk anyone they deemed suspicious, but Scheindlin said that the majority of those stopped were black or Hispanic and that they would not have been stopped if they were white.  She said that it violates their Fourth Amendment rights of minorities. Ray Kelly, NYPD Commissioner responded to the judge’s Read more […]

Judge Orders Google To Be Evil

A Federal Judge has ordered Google to hand over user information to the FBI in response to the FBI’s warrantless “National Security Letter requests that often also demand the users never be informed that their private information has been given to the Feds. “CNET has learned that U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco rejected Google’s request to modify or throw out 19 so-called National Security Letters, a warrantless electronic data-gathering technique used by the FBI that does Read more […]