Why Job Growth Numbers Under Socialist Presidents Don’t Make Sense

Do you know who has the absolute best numbers in job growth of any American president? FDR. Jobs grew by a whopping 4.97 percent in his first term (not a war term, by the way—those are peace time numbers). That’s right—it was FDR, the greatest socialist president in American history, just barely ahead of Barack Obama—who was able to grow jobs at rates beyond any other president. And yet people were absolutely miserable. Kind of feels like now, doesn’t it? Barack Obama, statistically Read more […]

American Rights Trampled – Brits Guard Privacy

Over the last couple of days we have been learning the terrifying news that our government has been monitoring the phone calls, emails, and internet activity of hundreds of millions of Americans since 2006. Today, we are learning something even more terrifying – the British government cares more about its citizens’ right to privacy than we do! Only in the minds of the most farfetched science fiction authors could there have been even a thought of Britain having a better record on individual Read more […]

The Final Case Against Franklin Delano Obama

Norman Lear, in an article on HuffPo, said this in regard to a Romney win on Tuesday: “Thanks to a series of right-wing nominees who joined the Court before the Obama administration, the right wing’s decades-long desire to roll back the New Deal and just about every good thing that has happened since then has a friendly ear on the pro-corporate court.” The common wisdom among seemingly all of America, but specifically, every single political science professor is that FDR is one of the finest presidents Read more […]