Experts All Agree that Internet Regulation will Stifle Investment

The FCC recently passed some new rules for Internet regulation that do not bode well for either our freedom or for the continued advance of Internet technology. A little belatedly many experts have come out against the move describing it as a surefire way to stifle investment and innovation… Tech companies and members of Congress on Monday blasted the Federal Communications Commission’s decision last week to regulate the internet as a public utility, saying it creates uncertainty for investors. Last Read more […]

Net Neutrality: “Solution that Won’t Work to a Problem that Doesn’t Exist”

An FCC Commissioner, Ajit Pai, is blasting new net neutrality rules as a “solution that won’t work to a problem that doesn’t exist.” What does he mean by that? First, concerning the problem that doesn’t exist: Nowhere in the 332-page document that I’ve received will anyone find the FCC detailing any kind of systemic harm to consumers, and it seems to me that should be the predicate for certainly any kind of preemptive regulation—some kind of systemic problem that requires an industry-wide Read more […]

Net Neutrality Regulations and the Death of the Republic

Obama has made it clear that the net neutrality question could be settled without Congress. By executive order, you say? Nope. Even worse—by bureaucratic regulations: The White House on Thursday said legislation was not necessary to settle so-called net neutrality rules because the Federal Communications Commission had the authority to write them. Republicans in Congress are trying to drum up support for a bill that would counter the FCC’s upcoming new rules. The Obama administration’s Read more […]

Obama Administration to Monitor Newsrooms to Control Content

An FCC commissioner Ajit Pai wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, warning about a plan that his agency is rolling out that would put monitors in the nation’s newsrooms. News managers and staffers would be interviewed by agency officials about the content that they choose to report on and how they choose certain stories. According to Pai, here are some of the questions that will be asked of these managers and staffers: What is the news philosophy of the station? How do you define critical Read more […]