Whew! FBI Stops NYC NYE Terrorist Attack Just in Time!

The FBI arrested and charged a New York man who allegedly planned to carry out a terrorist attack on New Years Eve at a New York City bar or restaurant in the name of the Islamic State. Police arrested Emanuel Lutchman, 25, of Rochester Wednesday and filed charges against him Thursday. Lutchman allegedly received instructions from ISIS members overseas who told him serving ISIS was “a dream come true.” The feds obtained online communication between Lutchman and an ISIS contact where Lutchman Read more […]

FBI Report: Violent Crime Down, Despite Record Gun Sales

The FBI report didn’t say anything about gun sales, but its own stats show marked decrease in violent crime. Not only that, but they revealed that even as stigmatized as semi-automatic rifles are in the media and political arena, they don’t account for many murders, compared with things like clubs, hammers and fists. Actually, rifles don’t account for any murders, since they’re inanimate objects. What I meant was that people don’t use them as often as they do non-firearms. The record Read more […]

FBI Thwarts FBI-Assisted Terrorist Attack

In the real world, Joshua Ryne Goldberg was a 20-year-old internet addict living in his parents’ house in Orange Park, Florida, not far from Jacksonville. He apparently never left the house. Neighbors didn’t even know who he was. But online, Goldberg was a number of high profile people, including anyone from a prominent Australian lawyer Josh Bornstein to terrorist masterminds working with ISIS. When he posed as a terrorist mastermind living in Perth, Australia, he’d find events in Western Read more […]

FBI Raids Peaceful Republic of Texas Political Meeting

The Republic of Texas is a secessionist group in, you guessed it, Texas that is committed to seeing the state secede from the Union. Because its members believe that the federal government no longer serves the interests of the people. As if to confirm that this was in fact the case, the FBI raided a peaceful political meeting of the Republic of Texas, fingerprinted everyone, confiscated cell phones and recording devices, and generally made a show of (unnecessary) force: Members of the Republic of Read more […]

FBI Lobbying for a Backdoor into Your Devices

Recently, Apple and Google both made policy and software changes to make it more difficult for spies, government agencies, and identity thieves to get information off of your devices. Well, the FBI director, James Comey, is lobbying Congress to force technology companies to make device exceptions for law enforcement—a little backdoor just for them. Comey urged Congress to update CALEA [ the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act] to “create a level playing field” so new tech companies Read more […]

FBI Reports More People Murdered by Fire than in Mass Shootings

The New York Times ran a piece about a newly released FBI report about active shooter incidents. The Times’ headline read:  “FBI Confirms a Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000.” Except that the FBI report in question wasn’t about mass shootings. It was specifically about active shooter incidents, which the FBI defines differently. Even in the FBI report’s introduction, on page 5, it reads:  “This is not a study of mass killings or mass shootings, but rather a study of a specific Read more […]

Guess Who Is and Isn’t Listed in FBI’s Newest List of Domestic Extremists?

If you were asked to compile a list of dangerous domestic extremists, who would you include? First on my list is the Obama administration followed closely by the Democratic Party. Then I would add LGBT activists, pro-abortion activists, Bloomberg and other anti-Second Amendment activists, black racial activists like Al Sharpton, illegal immigrants and Islamic extremists. I’m sure I could come up with many more groups, but I think these would make up the top of my list. However, the FBI doesn’t Read more […]

Federal Group Revived to Fight Domestic Terrorism

Well, things have been pretty quiet on the international front for a while (although the freed captives of Gitmo might change that soon), so our never-shrinking, always-growing federal government has decided to revive an internal intelligence group designed to fight domestic terrorism: The group will coordinate cases that involve Americans who may be spurred to violence for political or prejudicial reasons.   It will include representatives of the FBI, the National Security Division of Read more […]

FBI: More People Killed by Fists and Hammers Than With “Assault” Rifles

Not much has changed since the last time these statistics were released showing the numbers for 2011. Breitbart reported on the latest stats from the FBI: With newer crime statistics now out for 2012, Breitbart News can report that more people are killed each year with fists and hammers than are killed with rifles or shotguns.  According to the FBI, there were a total of 625 murders committed with rifles and shotguns in 2012. That breaks down to 322 murders that were rifle related and 303 that Read more […]

FBI Harassing Gun Shops to be on the Lookout for “People Talking About Big Government”

The government downplays Islamic terrorism and exaggerates the threat of domestic terrorism involving white, “anti-government” activists. If you’re critical of our government in any way, that makes the government suspicious of you. You’re a potential terrorist if you’re pro-life, opposed to high taxes, critical of a fractional-reserve banking system, or hold the U.S. Constitution in high regard. Any of those things will raise red flags and put you on some government list. A gun shop Read more […]

Fast and Furious Revelation: Thugs Who Killed Brian Terry Worked For FBI

John Dodson is the ATF whistleblower who exposed the Fast and Furious scandal, much to the dismay of his colleagues and bosses. According to his latest revelation, the American Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who was killed a few years ago, was murdered by operatives who were working for the FBI. Dodson claimed that the government was willing to go to any length necessary to earn the trust of criminal drug cartels. That’s apparently a matter of policy. And that included killing an innocent Read more […]

The FBI Can Activate Your Webcam Without Your Knowing About It

Not too many years ago, a person who put a piece of black electrical tape over his laptop camera lens would be associated with tinfoil hat-wearers. Those who wear aluminum hats might claim they’re trying to block mind control or experimentation efforts by the government or some other nefarious group. Only a tinfoil hat-wearer conspiracy nutjob would put electrical tape over his webcam lens. What is he afraid of? That “The Government” is trying to spy on him? Only a delusional, paranoid schizophrenic, Read more […]