Salon: Muslim set Mosque on Fire, Because of “Escalating Anti-Muslim Violence”

If you work in the headline business, you know how important it is to come up with a striking title to your piece. It’s what grabs people’s attention. In the context of internet media, the headline is what leads to page views. You see the same exact thing in radio and television. They do these little teasers and tell you that they’re going to divulge some jaw-dropping information, but you’ll have to wait, as it’s coming up at the top of the hour. So, you sit around and wait another 45 Read more […]

Lesbian Couple Burned Their Own House Down in Hoax Hate Crime

It was five years ago that a Venore, Tennessee couple burned their own house down and blamed it on their “homophobic” neighbor whom they also blamed for spray-painting “queers” in big letters on their house. A jury just decided that all the evidence pointed to a self-inflicted hate crime. After they had burned their own house to the ground, the lesbian couple were anticipating raking in about $276,000 from their insurance company. But just months after the incident, the insurance company Read more […]

MSNBC: Vegas Cop-Killers were White, Racist, “Anti-Government” Right-Wing Extremists

They’ve really gone overboard this time. I mean, more than usual. I’m almost beginning to agree with Alex Jones that this cop-killing was completely staged just so that the police and the media could tie their crime to white conservatives who criticize big government and who support the 2nd Amendment. If these acts had been carried out by say, a black Democrat, who happened to write a manifesto about how he agreed 100% with Piers Morgan on gun control, and how he loved Hillary Clinton, things Read more […]

Lesbian Waitress Scamster Has History Of Faking Her Victimization

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the New Jersey lesbian waitress Dayna Morales who made national news when she claimed to have been stiffed out of a tip by a couple of “homophobic” customers who “did not agree with her lifestyle.” In the midst of what people thought was a hate-filled incident, Morales had received over $3,000 in donations from gullible people who felt her pain. The entire thing was a fabricated. The “homophobic” couple (who apparently did not vote for Christie, Read more […]

Lesbian Faked Discrimination, Fooled Thousands Of Dollars From Sympathizers

Earlier this month, Dayna Morales became a very famous lesbian. She alleged that the couple she was serving at the restaurant she works at didn’t tip her and that it was because of her homosexuality. She posted a photo to her Facebook profile of the restaurant’s copy of the receipt. The subtotal of the meal was $93.55; the space where the tip is usually written had a line drawn through it; and the left margin had a message, allegedly written by the customers: “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because Read more […]

Did the U.S. Help Coordinate Gas Attacks in Syria as a Pretext for War?

There’s a reason we haven’t seen any evidence that Syrian leader Bashar al Assad was behind alleged chemical weapons attacks on his own people. I think the main reason might be that he wasn’t the one behind the attack, and so there won’t be any evidence, except whatever they’re trying to fabricate now to make it look like Assad deployed the chemical weapons himself. And the “evidence” will be brought to us by the same people who blamed Benghazi on a stupid YouTube video. So, we can Read more […]