Police Arrest Man for Legally Carrying Handgun

What started off as a routine traffic stop ended up with the driver in handcuffs in the back of a patrol car. Rosenberg Police in Texas spotted a man making a right turn without signaling. They pulled him over, and everything was going fine until the driver Alonza Gonzalez notified the cop that he had a concealed carry permit. He let him know up front so that the cop wouldn’t be surprised if he saw that the driver had a firearm on him. He thought he was being responsible in letting the officer Read more […]

Tricks of the Trade: Police Officer Admits Planting Evidence is Routine

An officer in Palm Beach, Florida admitted that planting evidence is a routine part of his job, admitting that he and his colleagues are planting evidence “almost every day” to deal with “difficult” citizens: I have a method for getting people off the street that should not be there. Mouthy drivers, street lawyers, assholes and just anyone else trying to make my job difficult. Under my floor mat, I keep a small plastic dime baggie with Cocaine in residue. Since it’s just residue, if Read more […]

Cop Arrests Man for Using Golf Club as a Cane

Seattle police officer Cynthia Whitlatch was making the rounds downtown last summer when she spotted an older black man with a golf club in his hand. He was using it as a cane. The cop lady insisted that she saw him swing the club at her as she was making a turn on 11th Avenue and Pike Street. The 69-year-old and 20-year military vet William Wingate seemed baffled at her accusation and denied ever swinging his club at anybody. She eventually arrested him for obstruction for not putting his Read more […]

Dash Cam Video Proves Police Lied To Throw Innocent Man In Jail

There is a reason police hate being recorded. They don’t want to get found out. They want their version of events inscribed in their police report to be trusted beyond a shadow of a doubt. If something’s in their police report, it most definitely happened. If it’s not in their police report, it most definitely did not happen. And as long as they don’t have to release any video evidence, they can get away with pretty much anything. There’s a 30-year-old guy in New Jersey named Marcus Read more […]

Business Owner Jailed for “Loitering” On His Own Property

Eric Lee owns and runs a discounted furniture store in Dekalb County, Georgia called Unclaimed Freight. He was told by local police that the crime rate in that area is exceptionally bad, so it was recommended to him that he carry a firearm. He received a permit and then proceeded to carry a concealed weapon. His business had been the target of thieves in the past, so he was often on the lookout for them at night. One evening, he heard some racket and went outside around the corner of his building Read more […]

Dashcam Video Vindicates Open Carrier Who Was Arrested For No Reason

This past summer, we brought you the story of C. J. Grisham, a decorated Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who was arrested in Temple, Texas simply for open-carrying a rifle. He was with his son and had planned to go on a 10-mile hike so that his son could earn his hiking scout badge. Grisham also conceal-carried a handgun. He was stopped by Temple police officers, because they got a call from an “alarmed” citizen. Instead of informing this alarmed citizen of the legality of the 2nd Amendment and Read more […]

U.S. District Judge: Open Carrying a Handgun is Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime

These kinds of cases always outrage me. There are countless videos on the internet of police encounters with people open carrying their weapon. Most of them don’t end well for the citizen, even though in the vast majority (if not all) of the encounters, the citizens themselves were never doing anything illegal. They were just carrying a gun in the open. That’s something police do all the time. But when a “civilian” does it, it constitutes probable cause for a crime. That’s just how one Read more […]