False Accuser and Violent Police Beat a Man Down

The culture of police in this country is largely at fault here, because of their violent and overkill proclivities. But in this particular case, the lying accuser is just as guilty. The Daily Caller recounted the case: A rural northwest Iowa man who suffers from Parkinson’s disease has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that he was brutally pummeled by a SWAT team after a relative made false harassment allegations against him. The events giving rise to the excessive force lawsuit occurred in August Read more […]

Cop Car Slams Into Man’s Parked Car; Man Jailed for “Damaging City Property”

Yeah, you read that correctly. You’ve got to have quite a bit of hubris to try to pull off something like this. Some guy in New York named Robert Jackson was parked legally on the side of a one-way street outside his apartment. A cop car comes, going the wrong way on the one-way street, and he hits the guy’s SUV. Actually, it was his girlfriend’s SUV, and he was in the passenger seat waiting for his girlfriend. Jackson gets out of his car and confronts the cop who hit his girlfriend’s Read more […]

Media Invent Another Phil Robertson Controversy to Boost Dismal Ratings

While CNN’s total day ratings went down only marginally, their primetime ratings were at 20-year lows: Compared to 2012, CNN was flat in total viewers and down -2% in the A25-54 demographic in total day, down the least compared to Fox News and MSNBC. In primetime, the channel was down -16% in total viewers and -18% in the A25-54 demographic. During primetime hours (8 – 11pm EST), CNN had a total of 568,000 viewers, of whom 183,000 were in the 25 – 54 age demographic. Compare that Read more […]

Lesbian Waitress Scamster Has History Of Faking Her Victimization

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard about the New Jersey lesbian waitress Dayna Morales who made national news when she claimed to have been stiffed out of a tip by a couple of “homophobic” customers who “did not agree with her lifestyle.” In the midst of what people thought was a hate-filled incident, Morales had received over $3,000 in donations from gullible people who felt her pain. The entire thing was a fabricated. The “homophobic” couple (who apparently did not vote for Christie, Read more […]

Liberal Media Take Open Gun Carrier Picture Out of Context to Portray Them As Angry Bullies

The media are notorious for taking images way out of context in order to bolster a certain narrative, even though the image may have originally been completely irrelevant to whatever the media were reporting on. Or they’ll take audio and chop it up and make you think that George Zimmerman is a racist. “He looks black…” If enough people notice, they’ll peddle a scripted apology for their “accident” during non-peak hours when the fewest number of viewers are watching. Case in point, Read more […]