You Don’t Really Like What You “Like” … We’re All Just Virtual Serfs on a Click Farm of Dead Souls

Recently, The Week posted a fascinating article about counterfeit Facebook and Twitter account click farms that generate fake likes for different celebrities, politicians, and brands. These fake likes and followers are used to create fake buzz around personal or commercial brands, so they look more popular than they actually are. Because in the Internet age, a new feudalism has emerged founded on the aristocracy of popularity. And to be popular, all you need is to appear popular. Enter the click Read more […]

Facebook’s Plans to Encourage Censorship

The pretense or reporting “false content” will allow ideological censorship. “Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too.” – Voltaire Americans have a unique set of rights, the first of which acts as the foundation for those that follow. This foundational right, secured by blood, and transcribed with ink, allows us to speak freely, without fear of reproach from the government. However, censorship doesn’t always come from the government; it often comes from within our Read more […]

Taking Selfies is Bad for Your Mental Health

One of the most difficult aspects of mental health is determining causation. A body of evidence is apparently growing that taking selfies can lead to narcissism, addiction, and suicide. But it seems to me that narcissism and a tendency toward addiction and suicide would increase the likelihood of excessive selfies. In other words, the correlation of selfies and narcissism might be a vicious feedback loop or it could be a fallacy of causation. Who knows. But the growing body of information on the Read more […]

Banned from Facebook for Insulting Islam

I’ve been a part of the Facebook group “Stop Islamization of America” for at least two years now. The group itself has existed since May of 2011. In a back-and-forth in the comments section of something posted to the group’s page, I said in response to someone that Islam’s goal has always been a bad one. It was a much milder thing than the other people had said, and doesn’t even compare to what is regularly said on that group’s page. But the next time I went to sign in to Facebook, I got Read more […]

Schumer Threatens GOP over Amnesty for Illegals

While Facebook censors conservatives from posting the truth on many issues, liberals readily use the social media website to further their anarchist agenda.  Conservatives are not allowed to say anything negative against Muslims or they risk having their Facebook page shutdown by the liberally controlled social media giant. Yet liberal icons can use Facebook to threaten conservatives as is the case of US Sen. Charles Schumer, (D-NY).  It has been reported that Schumer posted a warning to Republicans Read more […]

Is Facebook Making You Stupid?

A new study analyzing groupthink has raised the interesting possibility that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are destroying people’s capacity to think analytically. This is distinct from similar studies that claim that Google, and the internet at large, have destroyed people’s ability to recall information. In case you were wondering, the study worked like this: Dr. Iyad Rahwan asked a group of twenty people a trick question over and over again. The first few times he asked the Read more […]

Conversation With My Leftist Cousin On Gay Marriage

My only cousin, Natalie, is 23 years old, two years younger than I. She grew up in a very dysfunctional situation—parents were divorced, her short-tempered, atheistic, Ralph Nader-voting father was in denial that he was bipolar, and her mother, whom my cousin visited every other weekend, was an alcoholic living with various boyfriends at different times. In her mid- and late-teen years a judge ruled Natalie’s parents unfit to live with, so she lived with her godmother (my mom’s cousin), a leftist Read more […]

Teenagers Abandoning Facebook in Droves

Facebook’s recent financial numbers don’t look that great. Apparently, the social media giant is going the way of MySpace and AOL chatrooms. They are failing to maintain the attention of Generation Z (that may or may not stand for “Zombie,” btw). Apparently the younger generation is far more concerned about privacy and real connections—they are currently popularizing private message services like WhatsApp and WeChat. A recent article in The Guardian hypothesizes on why this may be the Read more […]

Trayvon Martin Controversy: Halloween Edition

A young woman on Facebook posted a picture of her posing with her two friends, the three of them donning their Halloween costumes. Her two friends’ costumes, a collaborative effort, caused a controversy on some social-media sites. Friend 1 appears to be of Hispanic descent and his costume consists simply of a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt with the words “NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH” printed in white letters on the front. Know where this is going? Friend 2’s costume is a pair of jeans, a gray hooded Read more […]

Facebook Terrorism and the Growing Public Space

Nineteen-year-old Justin Carter is in prison with a $500,000 bail awaiting trial for a third-degree felony charge of terroristic threats. For a facebook status update. Following a particularly heated session of online gaming, the young Carter thought it a good idea to post the following comment to his wall: “I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten / And watch the blood of the innocent rain down/ And eat the beating heart of one of them.” Poor taste? Yes. Idiotic? Of course. Mentally deranged? Read more […]

Capitalism Dies From A Thousand Local Paper Cuts: The Facebook Subsidies

So the other day I read this news from Iowa: “The Iowa Economic Development Authority board has approved $18 million in tax credits for Facebook’s $300 million data center in Altoona. ‘Welcome, Facebook,’ said board member Pete Brownell. The data center project has been referred to as Siculus Inc. in state documents. Debi Durham, the state’s economic development director, said she expected that Facebook’s investment would grow to a billion dollars within five or six years. ‘It’s Read more […]

Facebook Photo of Boy with Rifle Results in Raid on Home

I began shooting when I was 4 years old.  The .22 rifle was too heavy for me to hold, so my dad let the front stock rest in his open hand while I held the rest of the rifle, aimed and fired at targets.  By age 6, I was holding the rifle by myself and had become a pretty good shot.  I killed my first rabbit at age 6 and was so proud of myself.  At age 9 I was hunting birds with a shotgun, rabbits with a rifle and deer with a bow and arrow. When I was ten, I begged my dad for my own rifle, but Read more […]