Are Millennials Really All That Uninformed About Government?

In a recent poll, 77% of millennials were unable to name one of the elected Senators from their state. At the same time, the vast majority of them, about the same number actually, said they planned to vote for the next president: More than three-quarters [of] millennials say they are at least “very likely” to vote in the 2016 presidential election, a level of enthusiasm that has the potential to dwarf previous turnouts from young people in past elections. In all, 77 percent 18 to 34-year-olds Read more […]

Obama Has Change Of Heart On Immigration…3 Times In Less Than A Year

“With more opportunity come more opportunists.” – Amy Gardner A simple observation that speaks volumes when applied to the correct situation. The more opportunity that comes along, the more opportunists emerge to seize those opportunities. Frequent cultural and situational changes are the key to identifying a political opportunist. And an opportunist is simply another version of a liar. Unfortunately for those who live by the sway of the wind, a fickle breeze reveals just how inconsistent and variable Read more […]

Obama Continues to Prove Anti-Federalists Right

In a short speech on Wednesday, Obama declared, “When I can act on my own without Congress, I’m going to do so.” He may have been referring specifically to unemployment benefits. But the fact remains that this characterizes his presidency (or should we say “reign”?). In the years preceding the ratification of the US Constitution, a group of wise and prescient men wrote some articles that unfortunately did not have the impact they should have. These men, known now as the Anti-Federalists, Read more […]