Obama: Executive Actions on Gun Control are “Entirely Consistent With the 2nd Amendment”

The Second Amendment says that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. At the same time, Obama said that his recent promise to take executive action on guns due to Congress’s inaction is “entirely consistent with the Second Amendment.” Breitbart reported: Barack Obama insists his planned executive actions on gun control will be “entirely consistent” with the Constitution – even as organizations defending the Second Amendment have warned him not to act on Read more […]

Obama’s New Year’s Resolution: Take Executive Action on Gun Control

This is probably the one promise we can expect Obama to fulfill. It doesn’t mean he’ll get exactly what he wants. Obama says that the gun lobby is powerful and well-funded. He’s right. And that’s why I think it will be very difficult for him to make headway. But he’ll get close. In his first address of the year, Obama voiced dismay that Congress hasn’t “done anything” to try to prevent gun violence. For this reason, he vowed to handle it himself: He acknowledged that gun Read more […]

Ted Cruz Takes Aim At The RINOs

RINOs (Republicans In Name ONly) are about to be forced to identify themselves. “I think this is ridiculous.” – Kelly Ayotte (R) What is the point of being a leader if you are not willing to do what you tell your constituents you are going to do? If one campaigns on certain issues, one expects that you will follow thorough with those promises once you are elected. If, once you are elected, you fail to promote the promises you made, you have failed your electorate. That’s basic. If you have failed Read more […]

Why Obama Gives Amnesty To Law-Breakers, But Does Nothing For Those Waiting Legally

Barack Obama gives amnesty only for partisan political reasons. We live in a nation in which political expedience drives the actions of nearly every politician in elected office. By political expedience, I mean that these politicians act in ways that benefit their long term survival, rather than in ways that would benefit the long term survival of our republic. It’s a move to consolidate power. Obama’s executive amnesty was just such a move, one dedicated not to helping our republic survive, but Read more […]

The Real Reason Why Barack Obama Delayed Amnesty

BREAKING President Obama delayed amnesty until after November 4th. Just three months ago, the president declared that he would act on amnesty by the end of summer. According to Obama, amnesty was not only an issue which deserved quick attention, but one that connected to numerous other issues, including national security, and the economy. Back in June, the president effectively scolded congress, condemning them for their lack of prioritized action on amnesty: “I take executive action only Read more […]

Obama Has Change Of Heart On Immigration…3 Times In Less Than A Year

“With more opportunity come more opportunists.” – Amy Gardner A simple observation that speaks volumes when applied to the correct situation. The more opportunity that comes along, the more opportunists emerge to seize those opportunities. Frequent cultural and situational changes are the key to identifying a political opportunist. And an opportunist is simply another version of a liar. Unfortunately for those who live by the sway of the wind, a fickle breeze reveals just how inconsistent and variable Read more […]

SHOCK: Opportunist Obama to Postpone Amnesty Until After Mid-Terms

“The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.” – Bryant H. McGill That quote by McGill is one of the most simple, yet profound analyses of the political world I have ever read. That’s why I reference it so frequently. What one wants out of a president, or leader, is public service. By public service, I mean an attentiveness to the needs of his country, the needs of his people, the people by whom he was elected. Over the years since Obama’s initial Read more […]

Obama: “As a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want”

It was big news fairly recently when the Obama administration announced that they were going to delay the employer mandate by a year. That’s not something that the President can just do. Congress makes the laws, and the President is supposed to act as executor. Now, they’ve announced that they’re delaying the employer mandate for smaller businesses yet again by another year. And they won’t allow businesses to scale down their workforce in the interim in order to avoid the mandate. I don’t Read more […]

Senator Mike Lee Humiliates Eric Holder

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Eric Holder was asked by Senator Mike Lee to explain the Constitutional basis for executive orders, namely those such as the one issued by Obama to delay the employer mandate. Holder couldn’t think of any Constitutional basis and concluded that Obama is perhaps at the height of his Constitutional limit. The Washington Examiner reported: “I’ll be honest with you, I have not seen — I don’t remember looking at or having seen the analysis in some time, Read more […]