Ben Carson Rails Against Evolution

Ben Carson loves nettling leftists. He’s particularly suited for it. He has all the qualities leftists want for members of their team—he’s black, philanthropic, well-educated, successful, well-spoken, and well-liked in his community. But he is decidedly not on the left’s side. In fact, he’s more in their side like a stubborn thorn. In his most recent offense against the Great Left Machine, he blasted evolution as unbelievable and unscientific: In a “Faith & Liberty” interview Read more […]

Science Education Depends Entirely on How You Define Science

Leftists are in an uproar over proposed legislation in Ohio that would reject portions of the Common Core curriculum and require science education to de-emphasize “process” education. Many leftists believe this law is intended to undercut teaching evolution—presumably one of the “scientific processes” being targeted. The wording of the bill makes it too easy for leftists to argue that “anti-evolution” education is actually “anti-science”: The standards in science shall be based Read more […]

What Leftists Really Mean by Science Education

I’m tired of hearing about stupid America. Americans might be stupid, but not for any of the reasons cited by liberals. Leftists like to bemoan the dismal state of “science education,” but their only real gripes are the existence of “climate deniers” and creationists. Meanwhile, they have no concern for the actual standards of education in general, or science education in particular, and they continue to pump billions of dollars into an autocratic educational system that has proven effective Read more […]

Father’s Horrendous Murder of 2 Yr. Old Daughter a Sign of America’s Moral Decay

Tierra Morgan-Glover was a happy two year old girl who loved her mom and dad and relied on them for everything.  That is until November 2011 when her father, Arthur Morgan took his daughter, still strapped in her car seat, secured a tire jack to the seat and tossed her into a creek to drown.  Her lifeless body was pulled from the creek about 20 miles from her home. The medical examiner for Monmouth County, New Jersey said that Tierra was most likely conscious for about three minutes after she Read more […]

Democratic Party Platform: Eagles More Valuable Than Humans

What is an egg? Assuming it has been fertilized, an egg is an unborn animal in an early stage of life. If it’s a snake egg, it’s an unborn snake. A snake lives inside that egg. In America, it is illegal to destroy eagle eggs; that is, unborn eagles. To do so is punishable by a $250,000 fine and up to two years in prison. Humans are mammals and thus do not lay eggs, but it is perfectly legal to destroy an unborn one. No fines, no prison. On top of that, there is a political party, the Democratic, Read more […]

Evolutionists Still Search In Vain for Roots of Cooperation

In the past, cooperation was a difficult thing to account for from an evolutionary standpoint. How could cooperation between organisms evolve if the primary operative machinery of evolution is individual survival? John Nash’s studies on the prisoner’s dilemma had already made it clear that, from a standpoint of math and probability, the best individual outcome in most cases was non-cooperation. But a recent study is calling that into question … at least as it relates to evolution. According Read more […]

White House Petition To Ban Teaching Of Intelligent Design Gets 23,000 Signatures In One Day

It’s been said that stupidity isn’t born, but bred. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment; but I would take it even further in order to explain advanced stupidity. Because unlike regular, run of the mill dumb, you have some people that act so ferociously upon their stupidity that they advance to a new level, and so must be reclassified. It’s typical of these people to behave aggressively because they are under the impression that they are brilliant; that they have been put upon this earth Read more […]

University Dean Says Creationists Should Not Be Allowed to Graduate

Ever since the theory of evolution was first proposed, there has been a rift between creationists and evolutionists.  Perhaps nowhere is that rift wider than in public schools and colleges. I’ve sat in classrooms where college professors not only taught evolution, but ranted and raved against anyone stupid enough to believe in biblical creation, especially in young-earth creation.  Some will tolerate old-earth creationism because it compromises the Bible with evolution, but when it comes to Read more […]