“He Must Be A Man Of Power”—Kohl Boasts Of Forcing Germans Into EU

Helmut Kohl was the Chancellor of West Germany and then a re-unified Germany from 1982 to 1999. He was an ardent promoter of the European Union. Back in 2002—the year the Deutschmark was replaced by the euro—Kohl granted an interview that was not published until recently. In that interview, Kohl made striking admissions about how the EU was started with Germany as a member state: “If a Chancellor is trying to push something through, he must be a man of power. And if he’s smart, he knows when Read more […]

Eurocrats Demand Control Of Media; When Will It Happen Here?

It does not surprise me at all that governments want to control the press and be able to censor stories. I expect all governments to desire to be able to do this. But it completely shocks me that the so-called “Western democracies” are being told outright to give the press over to the government. According to the Telegraph: “The ‘high level’ recommendations that will be used to draft future EU legislation also attack David Cameron for failing to automatically implement proposals by the Read more […]