Donald Trump Blasts Iconic Conservative Newspaper for Standing Against Him!

The National Review took a hard stand against Donald Trump’s liberal policies this week and now they’re facing his wrath. On Friday the GOP frontrunner countered by arguing that the National Review was a “dying paper” whose circulation was “way down.” “The National Review is a dying dying paper. It’s circulation is way down. Not very many people read him anymore. People don’t even think about The National Review. I guess they want to get a little publicity. But that’s a dying paper. I got to Read more […]

Tea Party Republicans are the Real RINOs?

Mainstream Republican Thad Cochran edged out a win against Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel in a Mississippi runoff election on Tuesday—by mobilizing thousands of Democratic voters. Wait, what? Yes, Cochran asked Democratic voters to vote in a Republican primary so they could keep the Tea Party out of power. After the loss, McDaniel commented on the dirty tactic: There is something a bit unusual about a Republican primary decided by liberal Democrats. I guess they can take some consolation that Read more […]

The Jobs Numbers Aren’t “Cooked”

The unemployment numbers sure did seem conveniently low when they were released right after Obama’s dismal debate performance. It didn’t take long for those in conservative circles to start denouncing the numbers as being “cooked.” But I’m not so sure anymore. I know for a while that we decried the polls as well, saying they were skewed to favor Obama. Although those things certainly wouldn’t be surprising, I don’t think it’s necessarily the case. I was listening to Erick Erickson Read more […]